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Fort Wayne Assisted Living

Making a move from one location to another is never easy, especially when the move is to an assisted living facility and not just another home. There are numerous details to iron out before you can make the transition, including finding the right fit, planning out the costs, determining what your daily living situation will be like, and how you will pay. There are several communities located in Fort Wayne, ensuring every senior in need of a room can find the life they’re hoping to have. Take a look at all possibilities in Fort Wayne and pick the right assisted living community for your needs.

Costs of Fort Wayne Assisted Living

You should always consider the cost first before anything else. After all, you need to be sure you will have the money to afford it. Fort Wayne assisted living falls just below the average prices of the United States. The median monthly cost comes in at $3,368. It costs $3,600 on average in other U.S. cities. When you look at the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, you will see that a single occupancy room in an assisted living community can end up costing more than $40,000 per year. You’ll have to shell out some big bucks to afford to live at one of these locations.

Fort Wayne is home to several Best of 2017 Assisted Living winners. The locations that earned this title often have a far heftier price than the city’s average. At Woodview, you can expect to pay upwards of $5,000 per month. The Hamilton Place cost reaches toward $4,000. Park Place Senior Living and Georgetown Place remain around the median price, with only a slight price change. With so many award-winning options to choose from, each senior in need of a home can find exactly what they desire.

Expectations of Assisted Living

Although each facility differs slightly in what it offers, most are relatively the same. They include rooms for activities, a dining area for all residents to enjoy their meals together, an outdoor common area, and a central living space for inhabitants to watch TV, play a game of cards, or converse on various topics.

Some locations allow pets. If you had a cat or dog prior to moving, you can bring your companion animal along to the new home. If you never had a pet before, now is your chance to get one. Animals are great at keeping people company and giving them someone else to focus their attention on other than themselves.

Finding Assisted Living in Fort Wayne

Start by considering which area of town you want to live. Not all neighborhoods may meet your expectations. You can ask your relatives if they’ve known anyone who stayed in an assisted living community. They might have a recommendation for a place nearby. It is also wise to speak to your friends and neighbors. They could have some ideas as well.

Online is another great place to check. Look at assisted living websites and sites like SeniorAdvisor where you can get a glimpse at multiple possibilities in your city. Read the reviews and see which places have had positive details told about them. Those with multiple negative reviews are best to stay away from after your search.

You also have the option of working with a senior advisor. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. They may be able to connect you with an advisor nearby who can offer some insight into the senior home options in the area. Make note of your budget and the desired amenities you want the place to include and he will locate any options that meet your criteria.

Paying for Assisted Living

Assisted living costs seem extensive at first, especially when you’re looking at spending around $3,400 per month for one room. Be aware that the cost does not just include a room rental. You are paying for your three daily meals, use of the common rooms, dining hall, and activity stations, and the option to have a nurse on call who can tend to your needs when necessary. The cost is far worth it when you consider how much you spend each month on your mortgage, utility, cable, water, and trash bills, eating out or buying groceries, and even house insurance and property taxes. Chances are, you’re spending the same amount, if not more, to live alone than you are for assisted living.

Consider Insurance

The first thing you should consider before making payments is insurance. There are options out there that help you pay for costs, including Medicaid and Medicare. If you are low-income and above the age of 65, you are even more likely to qualify for these federally-funded options. If you do not qualify, you should get a long-term care policy through a private agency. It will still help you save on costs and ensure you have coverage when it’s time to make the transition.

Contact Your Local VA

Veterans can receive benefits through the state. These benefits help you get medical care when needed and may even allow you to have compensation that pays for your assisted living stay. Head to your local VA and learn how to apply. The approval process can take several months, but your benefits often get backtracked to when you first applied.

Sell Your Home

If you are going to be moving anyways, you no longer need the home you own. Sell it and use the profits to pay for your new place. It is best if you make the necessary repairs and fixes before selling so you can make as much of a profit as possible. You never know how much will be leftover after paying off the remainder of your mortgage, fees to a realtor, any taxes, and other associated costs.

Consider the costs, payment methods, and amenities before you make your moving decision. You want the best possible assisted living community that feels like home. Do your research and take note of what got mentioned here and you will find the appropriate place in no time.

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