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Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s Care

Thousands of Fort Wayne families get impacted each year by memory loss diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The Greater Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association employs devoted volunteers willing to help out both patients and their families. They focus on teaching people to cope with any daily struggles related to having memory loss or impairment, and do their best to offer support during this time.

Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s Information

The median annual rate for a Fort Wayne nursing home is $96,360.

The Greater Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves people in Fort Wayne and 72 other counties.

You can reach the chapter’s helpline at 800-272-3900.

There are more than 110,000 seniors with Alzheimer’s in the greater Indiana area.

Fundraising events bring in more than $1,920,000 in one year.

Public support raises over $380,000 per year.

Medicaid spent $935 million in care costs in 2016.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in Indiana.

Expectations Regarding Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s care comes in many forms. The precise type your loved one receives depends on how far gone they are at the time. Perhaps they just need supervision. They may require assistance with dressing and bathing. A nursing home facility comes well-equipped to handle any of these needs and more. Most even offer a special memory care community that allows Fort Wayne’s nurses to have the resources required to work with patients on improving their memory whenever possible.

Family members can provide care themselves if they do not want their loved one going to a nursing home. There are adult day care options that help when you need a break. Otherwise, you will be solely responsible for all their care needs. The day care center offers meals, activities, and nursing care for those who need it. Use this option when you need to go out of town, head into work, or just need some time away from the stresses of caregiving. You can rest assured your loved one will be in good hands.

Another choice is an in-home health aide. The aide handles all related duties to Alzheimer’s care needs, including bathing, clothing, and feeding patients when necessary. You can even hire a live-in aide who provides daily supervision to your loved one. He or she may even handle housekeeping duties if the homeowner struggles to perform the tasks due to their deteriorating mental state. Transportation to and from appointments, the store, and anywhere else necessary also gets provided by the aide. He or she will handle any and all tasks your family member requires and can ensure his safety.

Costs of Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s Care

The costs associated with Alzheimer’s care vary greatly, depending on which option you choose. There are nursing homes, home health aides, and family caregivers who handle care on their own. Nursing home rates are the highest of all, totaling $264 per day. You can pay just $20 per hour for a home health aide, which could mean spending $180 for an eight-hour shift and more for a longer timeframe. If you go the family caregiver route, you won’t have to pay anyone. That is unless you go out of town for a day and need adult day care services to look after your loved one. You can then expect to pay around $52 a day, still making this the most affordable option.

Paying for Care

Paying for care in Fort Wayne proves challenging for many families. The associated costs are often far greater than what the average person can afford. The steep price makes it difficult to come up with the full amount required to pay for services. Many people take to budgeting and saving to afford the care their loved ones so desperately need.

Choose a Double-Occupancy Room

A double-occupancy room allows two people to share a suite. Each person has a bed, but the remainder of the space gets shared between both occupants. You get privacy but also companionship. This option saves thousands of dollars over having a private room. Many Fort Worth facilities offer these two-person rooms, so be sure to ask around when looking at nursing homes.

Utilize Adult Day Care Options

One of the most affordable options is adult day care. Family members may take turns caring for their loved ones, or one person could handle all of it alone. Regardless of who is providing caregiver duties, a break is often needed. The caregiver can place their loved one in an adult day care facility for the day while they are away. You know your family member is getting taken care of properly without having to worry about what they’re getting into. Everyone at the daycare socializes, partakes in activities, receives a healthy meal, and gets to see a nurse if needed.

Sell a House to Pay for a Nursing Home

A nursing home is quite expensive. You could spend over $100,000 per year, or close to it, for room and board. While they are costly, nursing facilities also have skilled nurses on staff who can handle Alzheimer’s needs easily. There are plenty of resources at their disposal. For a person who requires constant supervision, this is often the best option. Selling their house may be the best bet, as you can get a great deal of money from the sale. It should cover at least a full year of the nursing facility, and perhaps more once you pair it with insurance.

Use Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance often gets overlooked but should be one of the first thoughts when considering costs. Most plans cover a portion of care costs, especially for someone with Alzheimer’s who truly needs the help. Some allow up to 100 days of treatment, while others go by price rather than the length of stay. You have to look into your insurance policy and discover what type of coverage you have. Using insurance cuts down your out-of-pocket costs exponentially. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance options are all available to look into.

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