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Fort Wayne 55+ Communities

As a retired senior, you have the luxury of free time. You can spend it however you would like, but you do still have to do things like taking care of your house by cleaning, keeping up with the lawn, and doing any necessary repairs. If this doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your precious free time, then you might want to think about moving to an independent lifestyle community. This community might also be called 55+ community, senior living center, or a retirement village but they all give seniors the opportunity to have someone else clean their house, do their laundry, and make their meals.

Fort Wayne is an excellent place to find a retirement community. In fact, there are three winners of the 2017 Best of Senior Living Award. Georgetowne Place, Arbor Glen, and Park Place Senior Living all have excellent services and unique amenities that are sure to help each person find what they need for their retirement lifestyle.

The Cost Of 55+ Communities

A 55+ community is going to cost more than a regular apartment. In Fort Wayne, the average rent is around $761 with one-bedroom apartments coming in at $630 and two-bedroom apartments coming in at $835 per month. A one-bedroom apartment in a 55+ community can cost around $975 per month but go as high as $2,950. Keep in mind that these prices will often include other services and will vary based on the size and location of the community. The amenities you choose to use will also affect your total price.

Paying for A 55+ Community

In addition to costing more than a typical apartment, you’re going to have to pay for your new home without financial assistance from benefits programs. Medicaid, long-term care insurance, and VA benefits take care of personal and home health care, but they won’t cover your daily living expenses in a retirement community.

Social Security payments might be able to lessen the cost a little, and if you’ve been saving money in a retirement fund, you can use that for your new house. You could also sell or rent out your home and use the profits from that to pay for a senior living community.

You could also consider getting a roommate to help lower your costs. If you get a two-bedroom apartment, not only will you cut the rent in half but you will also cut all your other charges in half. Check with the community first to see if they allow roommates and then do a trial run. If after the test period both parties still want to live together and agree to the rental rules, then go ahead and sign a lease.

Looking for A 55+ Community

If you start your search by visiting every single community in your area, you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the choices. Before you even look at a place, make a list of things that are important to you. Do you like to travel? Would you rather stay at home? Do you have a large family that likes to visit? Do you own pets? Do you have a car or do you rely on transportation services? These are all things that could affect your final decision.

Only after you’ve made a list of what you want should you start to look for a new community. Call your friends and family to see if they have suggestions and look at local newspapers and magazines. Check out online reviews and then start visiting the places you like. Ask about the services they offer and see what’s included in the cost and what isn’t.

Included Services

These services might be called the essential or included services, but they often won’t cost any extra money. Your rent could cover things like utilities, cable, housekeeping, or laundry services but ask to make sure. Transportation around town is another included service but ask to see a map so you can ensure their route stops at the places you frequent.

Your meals are another important service, so ask how many per day they serve and if they have snacks. Ask if it’s possible to supplement with your own food and if you’re allowed to cook meals if you wish. Security is another thing you should ask about and find out if they always have some staff on-site. If you have a pet, they might require a pet deposit, and they could have limits on breeds and sizes.

Extra Amenities

These services are what makes each place unique and allow seniors to enjoy their retirement. Your new community might offer things like a dog park or swimming pool or on-site massage therapists. Ask if these services cost extra, so you don’t get any surprise charges. Here are a few other services you might find:

Golf course

Tennis courts

Walking trails

Daily outings

Game room

Movie screenings

Salon services

Garden plots

Cooking, exercise, or art classes

Thinking of The Neighborhood

Your new home is more than just the services but the surrounding area as well. When you leave to run errands or visit other places, you want your neighborhood to suit your lifestyle as well. Is the neighborhood easily walkable or near public transportation? Can family easily find the community? Is it near your medical facilities? Is it noisy or peaceful? Check into all these things and make sure you love your neighborhood as much as your community.

Thinking of Your Future

Also, plan now for your future, especially the future of your health. Many 55+ communities offer health assistance but some don’t, and that could change your plans. If you don’t mind moving and want a little privacy, you can choose a place that offers that. But if you want to age in place, consider options like Georgetowne Place, Arbor Glen, and Park Place Senior Living.

All these communities have a continuum of care and offer both independent and assisted living communities. If your health needs change, you won’t have to leave your home to get the care you need. Park Place even has a memory care unit for patients with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Facilities like this grow with your needs as they change, so you never worry about your health.

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