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Caregiving in Fort Wayne, IN

No matter where you are in life, taking care of an ill, disabled, or aged loved one who can no longer live independently is a challenging and frequently thankless task. The emotional and physical toll of being a full-time carer can take on you is often made more difficult by the sense of social isolation that often comes with it.

What full-time care providers in Fort Wayne need is access to resources, services, and organizations that can mitigate the problems that are associated with being the sole caregiver in the family.

Keep reading to learn about the different ways that you can take some of the strain off your shoulders, get important chores done, and simply take some needed time off from giving continuous care to one person in your home.

Fort Wayne Caregivers Need Time Off

No human being is able to continue performing the same tasks non-stop for months (or even years) at a time. Fort Wayne caregivers need ways to make more time available in the day and ways to take the time to take care of their needs, rather than someone else’s.

The caregiver in Fort Wayne has access to three time and sanity-saving types of service that will make life much easier and less stressful:

Respite care service that is provided in residential nursing home or assisted living facilities.

Concierge services that will deliver, repair, and run errands you can’t because of time or opportunity constraints.

Adult day programs that give you the same opportunity to pursue work or education that child day care does.

Let’s look at Fort Wayne Concierge services first.

Concierge Services in Fort Wayne

Concierge service providers are glad to be the hands and feet that you don’t have available to do your own chores and errands. More Time 4 You Concierge in Fort Wayne is happy to do your shopping and bring it to your doorstep, arrange for housecleaning services or even get someone to walk the dog for you.

Boulevard Concierge Services will help Fort Wayne Carers with a wide range of daily tasks. You can count on them to pick up prescription drugs at the local pharmacy, take your dog to the vet and even pick up the hardware you need to change a defunct electrical socket. Count on Boulevard Concierge to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning or laundry.

Amazon Prime Now claims that they can deliver anything you need that Amazon offers within an hour of placing your order. Amazon Prime Now will deliver:

Adult care supplies like adult diapers and ointments to treat bed sores.

Electronic supplies like electrical cords, replacement parts, and WiFi routers.

Any of an incredible range of pet supplies from dog leashes to litter boxes.

Do you need a shelf or chair right away? Use Amazon Prime Now to get it delivered to your doorstep!

Adult Day Programs in Fort Wayne

Frequently, it’s financially impossible to provide full-time care for a loved one during the day; this is when adult day programs can save your life. Similarly to child daycare, adult day programs will supply you with a safe place for your family member to spend the day while you have to be out.

Adult day services offer seniors a fun opportunity to socialize with their peers and to enjoy engaging activities like:

Seeing movies

Taking fun classes like art or sculpture

Enjoyable day trips and excursions

Making new friends

Adult day programs in Fort Wayne can cost about $70 per day.

Respite Care in Fort Wayne

Respite care can be a lifeline to full-time carers in Fort Wayne who have an emergency and need to leave their family member’s side for a few days (or even weeks). It’s equally valuable to Fort Wayne carers who simply need the rest and relaxation of a vacation.

Respite care is provided in nursing homes and assisted living facilities that also supply seniors with full-time care in a comfortable residential environment. The daily cost of respite care in Fort Wayne will average about $110 per day.

Meet Other People in Fort Wayne

The Alzheimer’s Association offers everyone affected by the Alzheimer’s disease a central place where they can find invaluable information, helpful resources, and even support groups that can help make life easier. Use the resources of the Alzheimer’s Association to meet other people in a similar situation to yours, get advice from professional counselors, and enjoy knowing that everyone you speak to genuinely cares.

The Alzheimer’s Association also has an online forum where you can communicate with thousands of other people around the world who are also dealing with the issues related to caring for a sufferer of memory disease.

The Jewish Family Service is an organization that does its best to help members of the Jewish community who are also full-time caregivers for a family member. The JFS will bring hot meals to your doorstep, offer access to support groups in your local area, and help you find the resources that you need to make caregiving less stressful and emotionally draining.

The JFS will also help housebound seniors to meet their religious obligations and enjoy celebrating the holy days.

When You Need a Nursing Home in Fort Wayne

The one thing that we can all count on is that life is full of change. Occasionally, those changes will result in no longer being able to take care of your housebound family member.

As heart-wrenching as the decision can be to make, you may have to find a nursing home or assisted living community that can provide the care you no longer can.

When you need to find a new home for your senior family member, visit a website like and check out the comprehensive list of facilities local to you.

Find assisted living in Fort Wayne near you.