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Things to do in El Paso

El Paso provides countless opportunities to explore cultural, artistic, and historical aspects of the city’s past and present. Take a glimpse into the past by visiting the El Paso Museum of History, or experience the culture of the town by visiting the International Museum of Art where they feature a Mexican Revolution exhibit. Outdoor fun, sports arenas, fairs, and relaxing atmospheres all await you in El Paso.

Art Exhibits

Two prime art exhibition buildings give you plenty to enjoy in El Paso. The International Museum of Art and the El Paso Museum of Art provide paintings, sculptures, and other works of art for you to view. The International Museum features artifacts from the Mexican Revolution, Asia, and Africa. The El Paso Museum focuses on American and contemporary styles.

Historical Views

The El Paso Museum of History should be the first stop on your list if you want to learn more about the history of your city. Admission stays free unless special exhibits come to the museum throughout the year, requiring an entry fee. It opened in 1974 as a much smaller building and has now grown into a two-story masterpiece spanning 44,000 square feet. Expect to spend a few hours exploring.

Outdoor Fun

Walk a 35-acre zoo and enjoy some outdoor fun. The El Paso Zoo houses more than 220 species of animals from all over the world, including the endangered Amur leopard. You could easily spend your entire day exploring all the zoo has to offer, especially with the wildlife amphitheater open featuring a daily bird show. Seniors over 60 get a discount on admission.

Sports Arenas

The Dream Arena is the sports complex of El Paso. Children’s soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams play here. You can come and watch their games, or join in on some sports fun yourself. The El Paso Patriots used to play soccer in the city, with games held at the stadium, but they got disbanded prior to 2014.

Fairs and More

Check out the Sun City Fair each year in April. Ascarate Park often hosts the event, setting up a petting zoo, carnival games, rides, and contests for everyone to enjoy. You can buy a few tickets and take a ride, or get a wristband that gives you unlimited rides while you’re there. Pony rides, a tiger display, pig races, wolf encounter, camel rides, and comedian entertainment draw in large crowds.

Relaxing Atmospheres

Not everyone wants to get up and go each day. You may prefer a relaxing atmosphere instead, giving you the chance to catch your breath and gain your composure. Selah Salon & Spa has professionals ready to pamper you completely. The supreme spa package includes a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage with hot stones, and body glow treatment.

The ‘N Dulge Day Spa and Salon closed in 2016, with the owner passing her skills on to her daughter. She opened a new location, now called the Skintuition Wax and Facial Spa. Both men and women can get a full-service facial, and have access to the steam room for a nominal fee.

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