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Social Security for El Paso Seniors

Social security plays a significant role in people’s lives when they are retired or living with a disability. With two different offices in Baltimore, along with online services available, there is an easy way for everyone to receive the information they need. You may apply for both social security and disability online or in-person.

Finding Social Security Offices in the El Paso Area

Two social security offices provide services in the El Paso area. They are:

The U.S. Social Security Administration at 11111 Gateway Blvd W, (866) 563-9310

The U.S. Social Security Administration at 600 Texas Ave, (866) 964-6229

Both offices allow residents to come in and wait their turn to speak with an agent. They each have a separate telephone number, allowing you to call in advance and set up an appointment or ask any questions you may have regarding a particular issue. Most people call with inquiries regarding which documents to bring into the office on their visit.

You can also reach an additional number no matter where you are in the U.S. The toll-free number to call is (800) 772-1213. You may call anytime during the week between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The number is not in operation on the weekends.

Specific Services for Seniors

El Paso allows disability applicants to expedite the process with the help of a lawyer. The attorney fees get paid out of the claim from the Social Security Administration. Lawyers who specialize in disability law and filing claims can help seniors who are unfamiliar with the process.

The El Paso County Department of Human Services assists with applying for services as well. Staff members help seniors fill out the appropriate forms and ensure they have all the documents necessary to apply. They are open Monday through Friday to help between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Finding Useful Online Tools

The Social Security Administration offers online tools that are helpful to seniors. Large text and picture buttons make it easy for those with poor eyesight to find the information they need. Applying for retirement and disability are both possible online. You can also change your address or request a replacement Medicare or social security card. Employers are even able to file W-2s online through the social security website.

The “my Social Security” account is the most useful tool of all. Sign-up takes just a few minutes as long as you have the correct information in hand. The site requires you to enter your U.S. mailing address, a valid email address, and your social security number. With this information entered, you are then able to create an account that gives you access to all of your pertinent case details. The details include benefit amounts and income statements.

Various online tools and multiple offices work to ensure all seniors receive the assistance they deserve for their social security-related needs. Both options are easy to utilize as long as you know what to expect beforehand. El Paso seniors hoping to apply quickly can do so with a little help from this guide.

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