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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in El Paso

Losing a job can be a traumatic event at any stage in a person’s life, but what happens when you lose your job in your senior years? According to a study by AARP, unemployed workers over the age of 55 will have a tougher time finding a new job. Seniors will take longer to find gainful employment, and when they do find work, it will pay less than their previous position, and provide fewer total hours of work.

While it’s not impossible, seniors will have to put forth much more effort than they did when they were younger. El Paso seniors have a variety of services and organizations that will help them to find job training, opportunities, and even paid training that will get them back in the workforce.

Keep reading to see all that Seattle job-seeking seniors can take advantage of to get back on track.

What’s Available to El Paso Seniors?

A great organization that El Paso seniors can use is The Senior Source. They’ve been in business since 1961, helping Texas seniors with career counseling, training, and valuable networking services. The Senior Source works with local businesses to promote the benefits of hiring older employees.

Program participants will enjoy access to online job listings, resume writing assistance, and help with successfully interviewing for a new position.

The Senior Source has a stipend paying volunteer program for low-income seniors who volunteer as Senior Companions to homebound Texas senior citizens who need the benefit of ready assistance and companionship.

Get Paid to Learn a New Job

If you are a low-income senior in Texas, take advantage of The Texas Workforce Commission’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Texas low-income seniors can receive up to 20 hours per week of paid training.

Participants can find themselves working in many interesting and rewarding areas; customer service, retail, shipping, and even local schools. Program participants may even find themselves in museums or state/federal agencies.

The program will consist of a thorough career assessment, job-training roadmap, and tutoring (if it’s required). Find out where the program is administered in El Paso by visiting America’s Service Locator.  

More Options for El Paso Seniors

El Paso seniors who are also U.S. veterans can take advantage of fast help with job searches using the TWC’s Workforce Solutions Offices. At the TWC senior age veterans can get valuable assistance turning their military experience into valuable job skills that employers want.

If you are the full-time care provider for a family member, there is the possibility of being paid a market-rate salary for the service that they provide. Texas Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling program and the VA Aid & Attendance Pension allow family members to be paid for helping an immediate family.

Finally, you can consider self-employment. While it can be scary to start a new business, it can also be an exhilarating process. If you have a marketable skill or an idea for a valuable service, you can market yourself as an independent contractor or even open up a storefront.

Unemployment can be more about opportunity than misfortune; just look at all the options available to you.

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