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Pet-Friendly Senior Living in El Paso

El Paso, Texas, is a pet-friendly city that will provide seniors with many opportunities to enjoy the company of their furry friends. Retirement is a great time to devote more attention to your companion animal.

Many assisted living facilities in El Paso will welcome your furry and feathered companions.

El Paso has many restaurants and parks where your dog can join you as you enjoy a day out.

There are more than ten great eateries that will welcome your leashed pet (always make sure that your canine is well-behaved though). There are also several great parks where you and your pet can roam, and places where you can let your dog off his leash entirely.

Keep reading to find out about the pet-friendly places in El Paso.

El Paso’s Pet-friendly Senior Homes

Sunridge at Cielo Vista, in El Paso, is a spacious and spotlessly clean senior living facility where you and your (well-behaved) pet will be welcome. The area surrounding Sunridge at Cielo Vista is wide open, providing many opportunities for walking about. This senior living home is conveniently located to many local amenities.

Rio Norte - El Paso is another highly rated, beautifully designed, and pet receptive assisted living facility in El Paso. It’s a community that has an independent living group for the active senior residents. You’ll enjoy a wonderful community and the ability to go about on your own.

Eating Out with Your Pet in El Paso

There are more than ten pet-friendly restaurants in El Paso where you can dine out with your pooch.

D'Lox in El Paso is a pet-friendly restaurant that will gladly accommodate your patron's furry companions in their beautiful outdoor patio. D’lox is known for amazing salads and amazing deli-style fare.

JR’s Bratwurst is a classic food stand with outdoor seating that is a great place to refuel at in the company of just about any companion animal. The brats are delicious, and no dog can refuse the left-overs!

Barrigas Mexican Restaurant  is the place to go for dog-lovers who have a hankering for some awesome Mexican cuisine. They are very pet-friendly and will gladly let you walk your dog through the restaurant to get to the pet approved outdoor patio area. Relax with your dog and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine.

Pet-Friendly Parks in El Paso

Eastwood Dog Park, aka Album Park, is an awesome fenced-in dog park with a gravel ground cover that will keep your dog’s feet mud-free. The park has a collection of doggie-agility equipment that will provide hours of healthy exercise for your sedentary pooch.

Westside Dog Park Don Haskins Community Center is a fully fenced-in dog park where off-leash is the rule. This park is brilliant for the owners of smaller dogs; the area is separated for small and large dogs, so don’t worry about your smaller dog getting into trouble with large and possibly more aggressive dogs. Westside dog park has a doggie water fountain for your pet’s comfort.

El Paso is Pet-Friendly

El Paso is a pet-friendly place for seniors and their animal companions to settle in. If you choose El Paso for your senior living arrangements, you can be confident that your pet will be happy with you.

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