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Medicare in El Paso

Seniors looking at insurance options should consider Medicare. While the plan does not cover all care costs, it does play a significant role in helping older citizens pay for their Medicare. El Paso residents looking into this option can seek information from both online and local resources to make the right decision.

Medicare Quick Summary

Elderly and disabled Americans in need of medical assistance can utilize Medicare as a way to pay. The insurance option is funded by the federal government, ensuring there is plenty of money within the plan to cover significant portions of care costs for everyone. It is comprised of four separate parts, two of which focus on routine costs and two that focus on additional coverage.

Part A of the plan covers a semi-private room during a hospital stay. Meals during the stay get covered as well. Payroll taxes cover these costs, so you do not have to pay a monthly premium to use them.

Part B allows you to receive diagnostic tests, lab results, blood transfusions, and routine appointments with your physician. It is known as Supplementary Medical Insurance and often has a monthly premium associated with it.

Parts C and D are the additional coverage options mentioned. With Part C, you can gain access to the hospital stays and physician appointments offered with A and B. You get it from a separate provider instead of the typical Medicare plan. Part D is solely based on prescription drugs and covers the cost of your medications.

El Paso Medicare Fast Facts

10.3 percent of El Paso’s population is comprised of senior citizens over the age of 64.

The average beneficiary age for Medicare in El Paso is 71.

Within seven years, the per capita costs increased in El Paso by 25.6%.

El Paso Medicare Offices

El Paso has two main social security offices. You can receive guidance on Medicare from either of these offices. Head into the nearest location to discuss the Medicare application with a worker and learn which additional documents and information you need before you can submit. They are located at:

11111 Gateway Blvd W; (866) 563-9310

600 Texas Ave, El Paso; (866) 964-6229

Both offices open at 9 am and remain open until 4 pm. They may be closed for a lunch break between noon and 1 pm, so it is best to arrive before or after this time.

Locating El Paso Providers That Accept Medicare

Many El Paso health care providers accept Medicare. You can ask your current doctor for recommendations or visit the Medicare website to discover options in the area. The Kidney Care Center of El Paso is one possibility, along with Lone Star Hospital Medicine Associates and the Wellmed Medical Group. You can use the search tool to find a particular type of service, such as internal medicine if need be.

You can also head to the Chip Medicaid Office at 1225 E Yandell Dr to speak directly to a representative regarding Medicare and Medicaid providers. They will provide a list of doctors in the area that accept the insurance types.

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