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Medicaid in El Paso

Medicaid provides coverage for low-income families that cannot afford to pay for care on their own. Many believe that Medicare is the only option for seniors, but Medicaid provides coverage for older citizens as well. El Paso seniors looking for assistance covering their medical bills can look into Medicaid in their area.

Qualifications of a Texas Medicaid Recipient

Older men and women over the age of 65 qualify for Texas Medicaid. People who have a long-term disability that has plagued them or will plague them for a year or more also qualify. The amount of income you bring in each year is the biggest factor. Individuals must make less than $17,000 if they hope to be eligible. Those who make more may still receive assistance if they meet other requirements.

Getting Help With Medicaid Claims and Applications

It is important for seniors to get help with their Medicaid claims and applications to ensure all proper documents get included with the forms. While an online option is available with step-by-step instructions, many seniors prefer working one-on-one with a professional who understands the process. Many locations exist around El Paso that offer help with these forms:

Health and Human Services Commission - 401 E Franklin Ave # 450; (915) 834-7500

El Paso First Health Plans Inc. - 1145 Westmoreland Dr; (800) 701-5909

Human Services Department - 2300 E Yandell Dr; (915) 534-7314

Chip Medicaid Office - 1225 E Yandell Dr

Human Services Department - 5150 El Paso Dr; (915) 772-8383

Services Covered Under Texas Medicaid

All Medicaid qualifiers receive the same services. Your doctor visits, hospitalizations, prescriptions, annual well-checks, and appointment transportation are all covered. The El Paso First Premier Plan also includes some dental and vision services. You must speak to your provider to determine which options are available to you.

Seniors also gain access to nursing home stays, hospice care, and in-home care when needed. Long-term stays do not typically get covered, but a short-term visit is available. Medicaid often covers up to nine months of stay in hospice care as long as the patient receives no curative care during this timeframe. A stay in a nursing home may only warrant 100 days of coverage, so it is best to wait to utilize these services until it is necessary.

Transportation Assistance to and from Doctor Appointments

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, also known as DADS, offers information on transportation assistance in Texas. Many seniors struggle to make it to their appointments because they no longer drive themselves. Those in need can call their local Area on Aging to find help. The Rio Grande Council of Government is the Area on Aging in El Paso. Reach them by calling (915) 533-0998, or visiting 1100 N Stanton St # 610.

You may also call 1-855-937-2372 to speak with a professional from DADS. They assist with finding any services you need, including transportation. You can also use 211 Texas to search your zip code and find service locations and details. You may dial 2-1-1 as well.

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