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How to Get Around El Paso Without Driving

Spanning 256.3 square miles, the city of El Paso contains miles upon miles of land for you to explore. Restaurants, shops, recreational sites and more fill the city, providing you with plenty to see and do if you can find a way to get there. If you don’t currently have a vehicle, don’t fret. El Paso offers plenty of transportation opportunities that will get you from point A to point B.

Sun Metro

The Sun Metro offers free passes for veterans and discounted prices for seniors. You have to apply for these reduces fares by showing proof of age and identity. You will then receive a Sun Metro Reduced Fare ID to prove you are eligible for these lower prices for all future rides. El Paso’s bus system has eight different areas with dozens of route numbers taking you through each one. You can schedule your trip online or call 915-212-3333 to speak directly to a representative who can help you obtain services.

Greyhound Bus

The Greyhound bus system, nationally known throughout the U.S., has a station in El Paso. The primary use of the system is to get transported to other cities when you need to travel farther away than local areas. The El Paso Bus Station sits at 200 W. San Antonio Street. Call (915) 532-5095 to get directions or purchase tickets. You can also use the online site to book your trip.

El Paso Taxi Companies

Numerous well-rated taxi companies exist in El Paso to provide transportation to residents and tourists alike. Most provide services 24/7, picking you up and dropping you off at all hours throughout the day and night. EpShuttle is one of the best-rated options in the city. They offer a list of the top ten spots around El Paso that you can choose to go, or you can request to get taken to a particular address. Call them at (915) 407-9863 to schedule a ride when you need it.

Senior Services for Transportation

Seniors are often in particular need of transportation because they cannot drive themselves. There are countless medical appointments to attend and errands to run where a ride proves necessary. Consider using local services in the area such as Viba Transportation. The company employs drivers that travel throughout all of El Paso County. You can schedule a ride by calling 915-544-8422. Rides are available between 7 am and 7 pm, Monday through Friday, and 7 am to noon on Saturday.

Locating Other El Paso Transport Services

Contact the Texas Department of Transportation to ask about services available in the state. They can point you to other alternatives and help you find a solution for your transport needs. Call them at (915) 857-5041 or visit their website.

You may also want to contact your local Area Agency on Aging. The Rio Grande Council of Governments handles cases in El Paso. The company not only offers information and assistance but also case management and benefits counseling. Go to them for all of your senior-related questions and needs.

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