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How Much Does El Paso Assisted Living Cost?

El Paso has several options for you to consider if you feel assisted living is right for you.  If you or a loved one need help for daily activities, you need to make sure you explore all your options to make an informed decision.  For example, you need to figure out how to pay for these facilities whether now or in the future.  Here is some information to consider with assisted living including expenses, services available, and coverage for your medical costs.

Assisted living is a viable option for seniors who don’t need skilled nursing care, but maybe some daily assistance to live independently. What services are typically included with assisted living?

Assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, personal grooming, and putting on clothes.

Reminders for prescriptions and medications so they are taken timely and assistance with other medical activities that need reminders such as therapy appointments.

Transportation for appointments, church services, or other errands.

Serving of regular well-balanced meals and snacks.

Cleaning and other housekeeping items such as linen service.

Assisted living can be either in a person’s home, small residential neighborhoods, or group home. Those who choose to stay at home enlist the help of home health aides, housekeepers, and possible live-in assistants.

An assisted living community typically offers individual residences and group eating areas, fitness centers, meeting areas, and outdoor areas. There are also assisted living communities connected to nursing homes for those residents who need additional health assistance when their health changes.

Assisted living in El Paso at a glance

There are nearly 40 assisted living facilities in El Paso.

Texas classifies assisted living facilities as Type A or Type B.

Residents who are more independent, can follow directions for an emergency, and don’t require check-ups during sleep are a good fit for Type A.

Residents who would need assistance during emergencies and require check-ins during sleep are a better fit for Type B facilities.

The cost of assisted living in El Paso

In 2016, assisted living care in El Paso average around $2,000 a month, which is lower than the national average of $3,628. Home health aide services cost around $3,333 a month in El Paso, which is actually more expensive than the average assisted living care costs.

What you need to know about cost

Looking at assisted living options can be overwhelming with all the questions you should ask.  Top questions include what services you are getting with your monthly fees, what services are extra, and what do you do if you or your loved one needs additional care.

Here is a list of questions to help you with your assisted living search:

Are there different levels of care available at the assisted living community such as skilled nursing and independent living?  What are the different price and care levels?

Are you able to view the provider’s consumer disclosure form to understand services offered, fees, additional costs, and moving policies?

Does the billing procedure seem reasonable?

Does the resident need renters insurance for contents?

Are there any government programs available to assist with cost at this facility?

Does the facility accept Medicaid or your long-term care insurance?

Can you see a written refund and transfer policy?

Is self-administration of medication allowed or does a staff member need to administer?

Is there a clear policy on how emergency services are administered?

Is there a complete list of services available?

Will there be a nurse on staff at all times?

Are housekeeping services provided?  If so, what are the fees and what is included?

Are the residences single or double occupancy?

Are there locks on the doors?

Can residents bring their own furnishings?

How many organized activities are available?  What is the schedule?

Do the apartments have any kitchen and cooking appliances such as refrigerators or stoves?

Does the facility serve snacks?

Are pets allowed and what are the fees and limitations?

Are you allowed to view the state inspection?

You can find these questions and more by visiting the Assisted Living Federation of America’s Guide to Choosing an Assisted Living Community.

How to save money in assisted living facilities

You can save money in assisted living facilities and not compromise the quality of your care. You need to determine if it would cost more to live in your home or an assisted living community.

Consider all expenses such as a mortgage if you still owe on your home, repairs you need to do to your home, and your property taxes.  If all these costs outweigh the costs of an assisted living facility, it may make sense to sell and move into a community. For those with paid off homes needing little maintenance, home services may be a better financial option.

Another way to save a lot of money is to have a roommate, which may not be an option at all at assisted living facilities.  You could also get a roommate at home and split the cost of care, but you will probably need a written agreement to help understand who pays for what and the breakdown of the living situation.

Several assisted living facilities offer sliding scale rates for lower income seniors with limited assets. There are also non-profit assisted living communities through charities to consider.

How to pay for assisted living

If you qualify for Medicaid or VA assistance, these will typically cover assisted living care.  Long-term care insurance also covers assisted living expenses, but you will need to review coverage, limits, and exclusions.  It’s always best to sit down and discuss with your agent before you begin your search.

Another financial option is to sell your home and use this money to cover your care.  If you wish to keep your home for your spouse, reverse mortgage is an option.  This loan uses the equity in your home to pay for expenses.  It is best to consider all limitations and fees with a reverse mortgage.  Discuss with a financial advisor or HUD-certified representative. 

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