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How Much Do El Paso Nursing Homes Cost?

El Paso is a popular retirement destination amongst active seniors. Adults of all ages can enjoy climbing and hike through historic parks, scenic deserts, and mountainous areas. Better yet, El Paso locals enjoy a low cost of living along with access to affordable medical services. Retirees who decide to settle down in El Paso can find a wide variety of low-cost nursing homes that offer a continuum of care for aging adults.

Texas nursing care facts and figures

According to The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Total Number of Residents in Certified Nursing Facilities, AARP’s Long-Term Care in Texas, and AARP’s 2012 Survey of People 50+ in Texas:

In 2004, there were just over 85,000 nursing home residents in Texas.

By 2014, the number of Texas nursing residents had increased to more than 93,000 patients.

Texas has the third largest nursing home population in the United States, second only to New York and California.

60% of Texas Medicare spending goes toward nursing care.

When surveyed, more than 60% of Texas seniors supported increasing long-term care funding.

Affordable nursing care options in El Paso

As a popular destination amongst baby boomers and retirees, you may expect nursing care costs in El Paso to be relatively high. Luckily for local seniors, the cost of nursing care in El Paso is significantly lower than the cost of skilled care nationwide. A shared room in one of the city’s many nursing homes cost locals an annual median of $55,298 as of 2016, while a more private setup cost around $67,000 per year. That’s more than $25,000 less annually than the national median cost of a room. Nursing home rates in El Paso also tend to be cheaper than in neighboring Texan and New Mexican cities.

If you’re thinking about settling down in the El Paso area, you have plenty of full-time nursing care options to choose from located throughout the city. More than a dozen facilities provide round-the-clock health services for senior residents at reasonable prices. 

Nursing home amenities and services

If you’re planning on moving into an El Paso nursing home, you may be wondering what to expect. Nursing homes provide the highest possible level of care for patients outside of a hospital, with trained staff on hand both day and night to keep patients safe and comfortable. A Registered Nurse (RN) oversees personalized treatment plans for each resident in a facility, while Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work with patients directly to provide medical and custodial care. While some patients may only require limited assistance with daily living activities, others may need constant care and supervision. Some facilities even offer specialized care for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and related forms of dementia.

Nursing home staff help to take care of tedious day-to-day chores so that patients can make the most of their free time. Residents can enjoy delicious homemade breakfasts, lunches, and dinners catered by their nursing home each day. Many facilities offer kosher meals, low sodium options, vegetarian dishes and more in order to meet the unique nutritional needs of different patients.

Socialization and recreation

A nursing home is much more than just a place to receive medical care. Residents enjoy a high standard of living, complete with a rich social life and an action-packed calendar. Nursing homes aim to help residents maintain a sense of normalcy and independence by organizing daily activities, regular outings, and special events throughout the year. No matter what your interests might be, you can find something fun to do with your friends and neighbors.

Nursing homes also strive to help residents lead a rich personal life as they recover and receive care. You can find nursing homes that offer religious and spiritual services, communities that cater to an active lifestyle, and facilities that allow residents to live with their pets. Many nursing home residents find that daily life within a residential living community is just as fulfilling as life at home.

The search for quality nursing care

When researching local nursing facilities, you should begin by gathering basic information about each community you are considering. It's important to find a nursing home that can take care of your unique medical and personal needs as you age. Many seniors opt for nursing homes that offer a continuum of care for patients with progressive conditions. It's also important to search for a nursing home that offers services within your price range. You can contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services to find more information about El Paso's nursing homes.

After doing some preliminary research, you should visit your favorite facilities at least once to get a feel for each place. You can meet staff members and see how they interact with patients or talk to current residents about how they're enjoying their care experience. Many facilities will also let you taste a sample of their daily menu offerings.

The best ways to save on nursing care

It can be expensive to receive skilled care in a nursing facility, but there’s no need to worry about the rising cost of nursing services in El Paso. Locals can find plenty of help with their medical bills through government aid programs. When you need 24-hour care, Texas Medicare will pay for a short-term stay in a nursing home following an illness or injury. Low-income seniors can apply for aid through the state Medicaid program, which helps financially challenged families to access essential health services. Veterans can contact their closest VA Benefits Office to learn about applying for financial assistance through the VA Aid & Attendance Pension.

Unfortunately, not all older adults are eligible to receive aid through the government. Instead of relying on Medicare or Medicaid funding, these seniors can save on nursing care by taking out a private long-term care insurance policy. Homeowners can also sell their property or take out a reverse mortgage in order to raise some fast cash to help cover care costs. Your tax advisor, estate planner, and a lawyer can help you to understand the legal and financial obstacles involved in making such a move.

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