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Financial Assistance for El Paso Seniors

Life is expensive. Prices seem to go up on all the essentials, which makes it tough for seniors living on a fixed income. If you are unsure you have enough income or nest egg to cover all your life necessities, there are non-profit and government programs to assist you in El Paso. Below is some information on some of these programs to help you find assistance with food, housing, utilities, transportation, and social activities in El Paso.

Meal delivery

El Paso County offers seniors with nutritious meals to promote health and improved well-being. Homebound seniors can opt to have their meals delivered. There are also 20 center sites that provide hot meals to seniors at lunch.

Elders along with resident family members may also be eligible for Texas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to buy food and garden seeds to grow and harvest their vegetables. You can apply online or call toll-free 211 or 1.877.541.7905 for assistance.

Keeping your home updated and help with utilities

El Paso County also provides seniors assistance with an emergency mortgage or rent payments, utility assistance, food vouchers, and a proper disposition of remains through the pauper burial program. YWCA El Paso also provides financial help to veterans for help with car repairs, utilities, and emergency rent.

If you need help to pay your utility bills, you can contact the Texas Weatherization Assistance Program. The Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program also provides assistance with gas, water, and electric bills.

If you need help with housing, El Paso’s city has a long wait list, but there are other programs available. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs provides a search option for low-income housing. You can also narrow your search by apartment types, including senior only. There are also non-profit agencies that offer housing for seniors including Good Samaritan Towers and the YWCA. You can also check with any senior community as most offer low-income options with an income adjusted rate scale since this is a very common problem among older adults.

Keeping yourself entertained and socialized

You will have no issues finding social programs at one of El Paso’s 10 Senior Centers. The centers offer social programs, meals, transportation, exercise programs, and resources to help you live independently. For homebound seniors, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability (DADS) will help locate programs to come directly to the home including care, transportation, companionship, and personal care. Call 1.855.937.2372 to speak to a trained professional that will guide you to the programs you need.

You can find several other senior programs to match your interests at various places such as El Paso Community College, the YWCA, and Bingo Plus. Meetup gives you the opportunity to look into events going on in the area. You can search by interests including dining, adventures, nature lovers, and seniors. There are activities to fit all budgets. Remember the senior centers always have full calendars with dances, games, field trips, and more. Most churches also offer senior religious groups that meet regularly.

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