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El Paso Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement can be the most exciting and rewarding time of your life in El Paso. You’ve left the daily grind of work behind you and have the time to pursue those activities that are most enjoyable for you.

Take advantage of this opportunity by becoming an El Paso volunteer senior! There are volunteer opportunities for just about every interest. Keep reading to learn about just a few of the engaging volunteer jobs for El Paso seniors.

Help El Paso Kids Learn

The El Paso Public Library needs volunteers to better serve your community. As a library volunteer, you’ll help in a variety of capacities:

Help keep library materials organized and learn how the Dewey Decimal System works.

Provide critical computer use help for El Paso residents who want to learn how to send an email, use the printer, or conduct an online search.

Read stories during children’s story time and provide valuable reading instruction.

The El Paso Public Library needs book loving seniors to bring reading to life for El Paso.

The El Paso Public Independent School System always needs volunteers to help the paid staff provide the best quality education services possible. As a school volunteer, you can help provide tutoring in many subjects, especially reading and math.

The school cafeteria couldn’t provide affordable meals without volunteers to help as cashiers, kitchen help, and lunch room monitors. Bilingual seniors are a critical component in the process of helping recently arrived immigrants to learn English and keep up with their studies until they do.

Work with Animals

The El Paso Zoo is a fantastic place for animal loving El Paso seniors. El Paso Zoo volunteers can serve in a myriad of important roles.

If you want to learn more about exotic species of animals, you’ll be fascinated as you help maintain the animal enclosures or assist in preparing food for zoo inhabitants. If you enjoy people, the zoo can always use amenable guides to show visitors everything that the zoo has to offer.

Help abandoned and rescued pets at the Humane Society of El Paso and make a big difference in the life of a dog or cat. The Humane Society needs volunteers to help with fundraising efforts and to provide care for the hundreds of shelter animals as they wait for someone to give them a new “forever home.”

Do You Love Plants?

El Paso’s famous Keystone Heritage Park is a Texas treasure. They desperately need volunteers to help them provide visitors with an extraordinary experience. Help in the El Paso Desert Botanical Garden and learn more about botany than you ever thought you could.

Become a volunteer tour guide and show visitors all the wonders that Keystone Heritage Park has to offer.

There are many roles where you can make a big difference and enjoy working in an amazing environment.

Just a Sample

This is just a sample of the volunteer opportunities that will enrich your golden years and make you a key part of an important organization. Look around, you'll find many others!

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