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El Paso Veterans Support Groups

Disabled veterans in El Paso find it particularly troubling to get the assistance they need. Many cannot work, yet are not able to get approved for disability. The process takes help from a professional to make a claim go through. Collaborate with a local, state, or national organization to get the assistance you need when filing benefit claims or locating other beneficial resources. El Paso offers plenty.

El Paso City Support

The El Paso VA Health Care System sits at 5001 N Piedras St. You can stop in between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday to discuss treatment options or ask about assistance with filing claims. A health care worker can offer you helpful resources to find you what you need.

The El Paso Vet Center is one of the best options in the city for finding help with filing benefits claims, obtaining housing information, or locating other resources. Visit the Center at 1155 Westmoreland Suite 121 or give them a call at 915-772-0013 to learn more. They open at 8 am and stay open until 7 pm Tuesday through Friday, and 4:30 pm on Mondays. The facility also opens for a few hours on Saturday to give people the chance to come in on a weekend if they cannot make it during the week.

Texas Choices

The Texas Veterans Commission focused on veterans of the Indian wars, the Spanish-American War, and World War I when it first got established. Now any veterans of war can get assistance through this organization. A claims representative can guide you on filing for benefits, or you can seek employment services.

Nationally-Recognized Organizations With Chapters in El Paso

Veterans of Foreign Wars is a nationally-recognized organization with chapters in El Paso. In fact, there are seven different locations in the area that you can use to your advantage. The VFW posts located nearby each offer different meeting times where you can socialize with others or ask questions regarding claims, housing, health care, and more. Attend one meeting or go to them all to get what you need out of the equation.

Post 8550 Dennis L. Cunningham Post - 4714 Titanic Ave; 11:00 AM 3rd Saturday

Post 8919 Yucca Post - 5535 Saluki Dr - 11:00 AM 2nd Saturday

Post 8782 Tigua Post - 691 N Carolina Dr; 3:00 PM 3rd Saturday

Post-2451 Northeast El Paso - 2400 McKelligon Canyon Road; 7:00 PM 2nd Monday

Post 10354 VFW Post 10354, Madrid, Mclaughlin, Navarrete - 9170 Cananea Rd; 1100 hrs 2nd Saturday

Post 812 Davis-Seamon Post - 2400 Davis Seamon Rd; 10:00 am 1st Saturday

Post 9173 Willie Barraza Post - 132 W Redd Rd; 6:30 PM 2nd Tuesday

Honoring El Paso Soldiers

Veterans Day freebies are a way restaurants and shops in El Paso honor soldiers. Anyone who shows proof with a military ID can get free services and meals. A full list of freebie options helps you decide where you want to spend your Veterans Day.

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