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El Paso Veterans Benefits

Veterans have served on the frontlines of our great nation’s military defenses, and in return, they are eligible for many invaluable forms of help to make civilian life a little easier and critical health care available.

Unfortunately, accessing the plethora of services that El Paso veterans are entitled to can be difficult if you don’t know where to look first. There are many resources and organizations available that are dedicated to helping vets take advantage of the benefits they’ve earned.

Keep reading to learn about some of the ways you can find out about what services and programs you can qualify for as a veteran of the armed forces.

El Paso Health Benefits Assistance for Vets

Health benefits are some of the most critical forms of assistance that a vet can have access to. Frequently health issues, both physical and mental, are the direct result of military service. El Paso vets deserve the help they're entitled to get.

According to the VA, as long as you had active duty service and were discharged with anything above a dishonorable discharge, you may qualify for VA health care enrollment.

At the El Paso VA Medical Center, veterans can be provided a wide range of critical health care services:

Many kinds of geriatric care

Specialty care for sufferers of degenerative memory diseases and Parkinson’s

Counseling for emotional issues

Treatment for psychiatric disorders

Substance abuse programs to get vets back on track

Veterans may also take advantage of hospice care, women’s health services, and invaluable help for the family caregivers of veterans.

These benefits aren’t solely limited to active duty service personnel. National Guardsmen and Reservists who have completed a period of federally ordered service can be eligible as well.

Housing Assistance for El Paso Veterans

Housing isn’t a convenience; it’s essential to the health and self-respect of every human being. El Paso veterans deserve any help they can receive to maintain a stable and safe home situation.

Luckily, El Paso vets may qualify for a wide range of programs intended to keep them housed.

Start by visiting the website of the Veteran’s Resource Center. You’ll find information that will help you find new housing if you’re homeless. They can also provide emergency assistance to vets at risk of homelessness.

The Veteran’s Resource Center is intended to be the first point of contact for veterans needing to find not only housing assistance services but also non-profit, employment, educational and other VA resources.

Other El Paso Resources for Vets

The Veteran’s Land Board of the Texas General Land Office is glad to serve El Paso vets and hosts several events every year where vets can learn about the benefits that they and their families could qualify for.

Check out the VLB Events Webpage to learn when and where the next event is being held.

Employment Assistance

Gainful employment is a necessity for vets after they are separated from active duty, and the Texas Workforce Commission wants to help. Older vets and their spouses can get priority services from the Workforce Solutions Offices to get help with job searches.

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