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El Paso Support Groups for Caregivers

Aging brings difficult challenges to many people, but when a chronic and debilitating illness is involved, it’s the family caregivers who bear much of the strain.  Committing to providing care for a senior aged family member is an overwhelming undertaking.

El Paso caregivers are lucky to have access to a variety of organizations that are dedicated to making the task they’re undertaking easier to perform and less stressful.  Keep reading to learn about the caregiver support available to you in El Paso.

Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is an invaluable resource for the caregivers of seniors suffering from the degenerative memory disease.  The Association maintains chapters in every major population center worldwide in support of both Alzheimer’s sufferers and everyone who is affected by the sufferer’s illness.

Contact the Alzheimer’s Association to learn about education programs, support groups, early stage programs, and special events.  The Association also offers a directory of third-party services that can help you get through this difficult time:

Adult day care

Elder law attorneys

Relocation managers

Geriatric care managers

They also provide valuable information regarding choosing nursing facilities and assisted living communities for your family member with Alzheimer’s.


ALZConnected partners with the Alzheimer’s Association to provide Alzheimer’s patients and the people who care for them with an invaluable online research.

Depending on your concerns, you can take part in forums dedicated to topics such as relocation advice, Alzheimer’s screening, what to expect and what to do regarding early-onset Alzheimer’s, and forums where you’ll find or provide a sympathetic ear.

VA Caregiver Services 

The Veteran’s Administration isn’t just concerned with helping U.S. veterans; they also support the caregivers of veterans who are no longer able to care for themselves. 

The VA Caregiver Support program is intended for veterans who were hurt in the line of duty after September 11, 2001, and have a family member living with them who assists them with daily activities.  It pays a stipend to the family member dependent on the amount of assistance the caregiver provides.

At the VA, people can take advantage of the Caregiver Peer Support Mentoring Program.  The Program connects caregivers for mutual support, information exchange, and advice.  The VA’s Peer Support Mentoring program uses email, phone contact, and letter writing to maintain a broad network of mutual support.

Caregivers who would like to be mentors in the Program can receive special training to become mentor volunteers at their local VA medical center.  Keep in mind that mentors must commit to participate for at least 6 months. 

Garrison Institute on Aging

The Garrison Institute on Aging has a commitment to respect the time and emotional commitment given by Texas caregivers throughout the West Texas region and the surrounding communities. 

They have and are continuing to assemble information about both local resources and support groups that can relieve and help caregivers. 

Volunteers at the Institute on Aging can help others by sharing their stories with others in similar circumstances to provide emotional support.  The Institute on Aging also provides opportunities for educational experiences that helps improve the quality of home care.

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