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El Paso Senior Realtors

You might not realize it, but seniors have a lot of different issues to deal with when it comes to moving. Not only is it an emotional time, but finances come into play especially when you must work on a tight retirement budget or plan your estate. In these instances, a real estate agent that has experiences with these situations becomes beneficial. These agents can help you downsize, move into a nursing facility, or even find your dream home in another country.

How Do You Become a Senior Realtor?

The National Association of Realtors has the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) title that agents can get by adding extra courses to their general training. Some states, like Texas, also offer the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) credential. Agents can get this training through courses provided by the Senior Real Estate Institute. While it isn’t required, some agents decide to get both credentials.

Another benefit that both SRES and CSHP agents offer is their extensive network of contacts. These agents frequently work with CPA’s, social workers, and attorneys that specialize in senior needs and they can refer you to any professional you might need.

Who Should Work With A Senior Realtor?

If you’re an adult that is 50 or older, you can work with a senior realtor. You don’t necessarily have to be retired; you could be ready to downsize, working overseas and in need of a new house, or moving into a long-term care facility.

When Is It Time to Use a Senior Realtor?

There are a few times when you should seek out a senior realtor. The first is if you’re ready to move either to a smaller place, new state or into a new community. Qualified agents can work not only with your emotional needs during this time but help you make the best financial decisions possible. They will make sure to stick to your budget and try to get you the most by using things like reverse mortgages.

These agents can also help you even if you’re not in the market to move. If you have elderly parents and want to make their current house more accessible, you can contact an agent who can refer you to professionals to make that happen. Their network often includes contractors that can install a lift or grab bars in the bathroom, build wheelchair ramps, or add stairway chair lifts to most homes.

Finally, these agents can also help you find other professionals you need to coordinate various things with your move. They can help you find an attorney to plan your estate or go over a real estate contract.

Finding A Senior Real Estate Specialist

You can get an agent at most firms with some senior qualifications, but if you want to find specific credentials, you can search online. The CSHP directory lists all agents in each state, and you can find one near you and go directly to their website.

The National Association of Realtors has an SRES search, and all you do is enter your zip code. The zip code 79915, for example, came back with a result from Century 21.

Many agents have additional qualifications and can help you with things like international real estate, foreclosures, distressed property, or military relocations.

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