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El Paso Senior Living

Finding the right home for seniors does not always prove an easy feat. Many people struggle to find the best place that suits them the most. While some require an advanced care solution, others are perfectly capable of remaining in their homes as long as someone is there to help. El Paso has plenty of solutions for senior living in the area to combat the struggle.

The Cost of Senior Living in El Paso

El Paso allows more affordable housing for the elderly. The cost of senior living falls below the median average, totaling $16 per hour for homemaker services. The median price is $20 per hour. Residents living in an assisted living facility can expect to pay nearly $30,000 per year. The cost heightens significantly for a nursing home, reaching past $51,000.

The city does not expect these prices to rise much in the next five years. It is one of the few locations where rates are expected to drop by about one percent by that time. Reduced costs projected to make this an ideal city for seniors to reside.

El Paso Senior Living Choices

Various senior living options fill El Paso. Nursing homes, assisted living communities, in-home opportunities, and more complete the list. With multiple housing selections available, there is an ideal choice for each senior residing in the city.

Community Service and In-Home Options

Many community service solutions and in-home options provide senior health care services.

Adult Day Programs - One option for senior community services is the adult day program. A program of this nature provides day care for the elderly who require supervision during the day. Multiple seniors attend each day, providing each person with the chance to socialize and meet new people. There are lunch and snacks provided, as well as group activities for everyone to participate in together. Caregivers can drop their loved ones off at this day option and head out to tend to other necessary responsibilities. In-Home Care - In-home care options are just as popular in El Paso as living in a full-care facility. In Home Care Inc provides registered nurses who received training in assisting with health care needs. They may check vital signs, help with physical therapy, and provide companionship throughout their visit. Personal grooming, cleaning, and cooking are some common services required.

Questions to Ask About Community Service and In-Home Options

It is best to ask the right questions before hiring in-home caregivers or attending senior community services. Not all options are valid for everyone.

Does your company have updated insurance policies in place?

Do all caregivers have the authority and license to provide services?

Do employees receive thorough background checks and vetting?

What type of training process do employees complete?

What backup plan gets used when an employee misses their job duties for the day?

Do you provide transportation to and from your adult day program?

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Communities

Receiving care in a structured and safe environment is a necessity for many seniors. Advanced care takes place in nursing homes and assisted living communities, many of which are located in El Paso.

Assisted Living - Assisted living offers private living quarters for seniors. They get to have personal space yet still receive the care they need as soon as they need it. Housekeeping services are commonly provided as well, ensuring all areas of the facility are kept clean and well-maintained. Sunridge at Cielo Vista offers semi-private suites, one bedroom apartments, and studios.

Independent Living - Independent living provides, even more, opportunity to have personal space and keep an active lifestyle. Housekeeping duties do not make the list in this type of community. Instead, each resident is responsible for their own apartment. Cleaning, cooking and other activities get completed individually. The Montevista at Coronado provides independent living options. Nursing Home - Any nursing home found in El Paso maintains skilled nurses who supply advanced care techniques. They check vitals regularly, monitor medication, and otherwise ensure residents are remaining in good health. The residents that do not do well receive close monitoring, so they can see a doctor immediately after an issue arises.

Questions to Ask About Nursing Home and Assisted Living Communities

Moving into a nursing or assisted living community should never occur before a potential resident is aware of the most important aspects. The atmosphere and environment is a major indication of what the place will be like in the long run.

What services does your facility include in the monthly payment?

What services can I use for an extra fee?

Is there a continuum of the care plan in effect?

May I use independent concierge services outside of what is offered by your facility?

Paying for Care in El Paso

Seniors pay for their care. Their family members may also contribute to the costs. Families struggling to find the money to pay for these expenses can seek solace in the federally-funded insurance plans known as Medicaid and Medicare. These options pay for at least a portion of the costs once they get approved for use.

Events in El Paso and Opportunities for Volunteering

Many major events fill the El Paso area. Seniors can enjoy concerts at the Lowbrow Palace or the Speaking Entertainment Center, or see the symphony orchestra at the Plaza Theatre. The Union Plaza District features the Downtown Artist and Farmers Market, while Main Street hosts historic district tours. These are just a few of the frequent events held in the city, with larger options appearing throughout the year.

Seniors hoping to volunteer can do so through the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. It is one of the biggest networks for people over the age of 55. Seniors get matched to opportunities based on their interests, hobbies, or skills. The matching process helps ensure each volunteer gets to do something they enjoy, rather than being stuck handling an activity where no interest is involved. The volunteer opportunities span from running the gift giving the tree to assisting with disaster preparedness training, and even diabetes training.

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