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El Paso Senior Centers

You’re retired and wondering what to do with your free time.  Retirement is the perfect time to try new things, catch up with old friends and meet new ones, travel the city or even the country, and even continue your education.  El Paso has so much to offer their seniors; you might find it difficult to choose what to do next.

When You Want To Play Some Games

Are card games a hobby of yours or perhaps you like board games?  If so, the senior centers in El Paso can accommodate you.  You can find weekly groups that meet to play bingo, cribbage, bridge, and more.  You can also participate in the Senior Games, an annual event that lets seniors show off their athletic ability in activities like bowling, swimming, horseshoes, pickleball and more.  

When You Want To Further Your Education

Perhaps you always wanted to take more classes in college but never had the time, or you want to turn an interest into an academic pursuit.  There are plenty of opportunities in El Paso to keep learning long after you’ve left the classroom.  If you’re looking to re-enter the workforce with a new job title, the San Jacinto Adult Learning Center can help with certifications in security, basic electrical, and office skills.  The University of Texas-El Paso has an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute that allows you to take courses for an annual membership fee.  There is even a Senior Adult Program at the El Paso Community College if you wanted to learn more about music, literature, computers, and more.

When You Want To Stay In Shape

Now is the time to maintain your fitness levels because as you age, you’re more prone to illness, falling, and overall poor health.  Luckily, it’s easy to find a place to keep active in El Paso.  The Eastside Senior Center, Father Martinez Senior Center, and the Hilos de Plata Senior Center all have fitness rooms with classes geared towards older adults.  You can also join the El Paso YWCA and take part in the Silver Sneakers program that not only allows you to take fitness classes but also attend health and wellness seminars.

When You Want To Be A Star

The stage might have always called your name, but you put it on the backburner because you were too busy.  Now that you have the time, consider joining a group that allows you to perform!  There are senior dances at all of the El Paso senior centers, and they all come with live entertainment.  You can also consider joining the El Paso Choral Society and audition for one of the choirs here in El Paso.  

When You Want To Make New Friends

It can be hard as you age to find new friends, but if you’re looking for companionship, El Paso has a few ways to do that.  There are different senior meetups all throughout El Paso, and you can find groups that fit your interest like Active Seniors or the El Paso International Senior Creative Circle.  If you’re looking for a more romantic companion, you can try El Paso Catholic Match.

When You Want To Travel

Retirement is the perfect time to get out and see the world, and you can do that in numerous places in your city.  AARP members can take advantage of the travel center online and find the best senior travel budgets and destinations.  Various senior centers like the Rohnert Park Center offer day trips around the area if you aren’t ready to leave the state or country.  

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