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El Paso Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation often means the physical therapy to regain strength in your body. You work with a skilled therapist who received training in various techniques and advances that will help your body heal faster. The El Paso area offers numerous rehab facilities with different services performed at each. Visit an El Paso rehab center and get the help you need.

Short-Term, Transitional, or Post-Acute Rehab

Centers go by three different names; short-term, transitional, or post-acute rehab. Short-term is often for those who only need a few short weeks of therapy to recoup after a minor accident. Transitional comes into play when you have been in the hospital for some time and needed to transition into your home setting and get back to life. Post-acute facilities offer care for patients after a short stay in an acute care establishment.

Each type of center has the same goal, to get people back to their everyday lives. The physical therapists working at each kind of facility help their patients regain their strength and mobility. You can expect to work for at least an hour each day on making improvements and trying your best to increase your flexibility. The first session starts as an examination of all you can and can’t do. It helps the therapist narrow down your problem areas and determines the best care plan for you and your body.

Rehab Facilities in El Paso

Several rehab facilities exist in El Paso that provide you with the care you need. Mesa Hills Specialty Hospital and Rehabilitation is one possibility. The Montevista at Coronado is another option. This establishment comes highly rated thanks to its great food, friendly environment, and abundance of activities. Nursing and rehabilitative care at Montevista occurs 24 hours a day, ensuring all patients are well taken care of in their time of need.

The Vista Hills Health Care Center also provides services. Rehabilitation typically occurs for at least an hour a day, five days a week, giving people plenty of time to work out their muscles, stretch their bodies, and improve their strength little by little.

Ideal Qualities of a Rehab Facility

Not all rehab facilities are made the same. Look for some of these ideal qualities to ensure you get the best care possible in the area:


State License


Full Amenities

Friendly Staff

Homey Feel

With each of these qualities available, you know you are getting a good rehab center with the best possible care offered.

Using Insurance to Pay for Care

Insurance is the best way to pay for care. You already pay into insurance for times like this when you need to use medical services. Options like Medicare and Medicaid work well because they have long-term health options that cover rehab if you meet their criteria. For Medicare, you must have a doctor’s note and have stayed in the hospital for at least three days prior to being discharged. After that, they will pay for your physical therapy between five and seven days a week, depending on how much is needed.

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