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El Paso Neighborhood Guide

El Paso earns itself an 82 on the livability scale thanks to its numerous amenities, lower than the average cost of living, and beautiful summer weather. The city proves an ideal place to call home. It is just a matter of finding the right neighborhood to enjoy your time in for the duration.

El Paso’s Most Notable Neighborhoods

Mountain Arroyos proves to be one of the most notable neighborhoods in all of El Paso. The exceptionally livable community earned a score of 89 due to its low crime rates, high income per capita, and choice of local amenities. It also has a higher graduation rate than other areas of El Paso, making it an ideal place to live for people of all ages.

Rim Area centers around Rim University. While the area seems it would be most popular with a younger generation, both older citizens, students, and everyone in between can enjoy the amenities the location has to offer. Coffee shops, fitness centers, parks, restaurants, shopping areas, and more fill the area.

Standout Suburbs for El Paso Seniors

Park Foothills offers a small town setting that many seniors enjoy. You have neighbors surrounding you, which lets you know there is always someone nearby should you require assistance. Sunshine Park sits in the center of the neighborhood, providing a focal point and social gathering location for the community. A few restaurant hotspots give people a place to enjoy a meal, including the Matsuharu Japanese Restaurant and Village Inn.

Retired adults looking to enjoy an exciting lifestyle should consider Silver Springs Village. The community offers restaurants, bars, and shops of all kinds, ensuring there is something for everyone. Lloyd’s Pub and the Corner Bakery Cafe offer two of the hottest spots in the area where people go for a drink and a bite to eat.  

The neighborhood known as Zach White features numerous great restaurants for seniors to enjoy. Many of them offer senior discounts for those aged 65 and older. Johnny’s Pit Barbeque and The Kitchen at 150 Sunset include two of the leading offerings in the area. Parks, fitness centers, and transportation also fill the area to ensure there is something for everyone.

Deciding on the Right Neighborhood

While one of these recommendations may prove correct to you, you could also find an entirely different neighborhood in the area that feels like the best fit. You need to decide on the right area for you based on your personal criteria and specifications. While one person may want a highly livable town, another may do fine with a quiet community with not much going on most days. You can drive into other areas of town when you want to do something specific, and live the remainder of your life in a peaceful setting.

Some communities offer regular community events that you might like to participate in throughout the year. Others have neighbors dispersed, so everyone keeps to themselves. Consider which option you honestly prefer, and it will help you narrow down the choices for the right neighborhood in El Paso for you to live.

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