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Receiving regular health checks from a doctor you trust will go far in maintaining your health throughout your life, but what about when you enter your late middle-age?

Our bodies change in important ways as we grow older, and just as children require specialist care from a pediatrician, the unique conditions that come with advancing age require a doctor who specializes in elder care.

As you enter your senior years, you’ll have to leave your familiar physician and find doctors who are experts in geriatric care. A geriatrician will be familiar with the chronic and acute medical conditions that the aging body is subject to. A geriatric hospital will have all the resources needed to keep you healthy, or to restore you to health after you’ve suffered a medical event.

El Paso seniors have many good medical facilities and doctors near them who provide geriatric care. Keep reading to learn about some of the geriatric care providers and resources you can use to find them in the El Paso area.

El Paso Geriatric Care Providers

The University Medical Center of El Paso is a renowned geriatric care provider local to El Paso seniors.

The Medical Center offers expert, multidisciplinary care for Texas seniors, provided by a qualified team of health care specialists guided by a board certified geriatric doctor.

Team members include:

Board Certified Physician Specialists

Registered Nurses

Occupational and Physical Therapists

Respiratory Therapists

Registered Dieticians

The University Medical Center of El Paso also has case managers and social workers to take care of senior patient’s emotional needs and to ensure that important, state-provided social services are received when indicated. The Medical Center states that they focus on improving the health of every patient.

Dr. Anwar E Monroy is a family practice doctor who specializes in geriatric medicine in El Paso and is a 2003 graduate of the Universidad Auto De Chihuahua, Fac De Med, in Chihuahua, Mexico. He provides a range of important medical services that include:

Abdominal Hernia

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Acute Bronchitis

Acute Conjunctivitis

Acute Pancreatitis

Acute Pharyngitis

Acute Renal Failure

Acute Sinusitis

Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Alzheimer's Disease

Angina Pectoris

Dr. Monroy states that he specializes in helping active middle-aged individuals to make a smooth and healthy transition into their 60s by helping them to stay healthy throughout their senior years.

Finding Geriatric Specialist Care in El Paso

One of the best ways to find a geriatric care provider in El Paso is to speak with people who already receive geriatric medical care. Ask friends and family for recommendations and advice. You might find the perfect provider for your needs by a simple referral from a satisfied patient.

Of course, there are online resources that you can use to find geriatric care local to you.

U.S. News and World Report offer a useful doctor finder on their website. You can also visit and find an El Paso geriatric physician with the online search tool they provide.

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