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El Paso Financial Advisors

As a senior, you need to start planning your financial life carefully. Health care costs, living arrangements, regular bills, and more need to get planned into the little amount of income many seniors have left. Working with a financial advisor is not just for those with money. Anyone can choose to work with an advisor in an effort to stretch their last dollars as far as they’ll go.

Beginning to Work With a Financial Advisor

When you first begin to work with a financial advisor, be sure to sit down and discuss all aspects of your life with them. The goal is to build trust with this person so you know you can rely on them for all of your financial decisions. While this is not going to be easy in the beginning, after working with the same person for several years you will start to see how easy it can become to rely on this person for guidance. It just takes finding the right person who you know is dependable.

Locating an Advisor in El Paso

The first step of the process is to find several consultants in the El Paso area. Ask for recommendations from family members and friends who have hired a trusted advisor in the past. Meet with these recommend professionals and find some prospects of your own so you can settle on the best choice for you.

The Better Business Bureau offers a list of 10 financial consultants in El Paso. Search their site to find A+ companies with little to no negative reviews from past customers. After finding the A+ options, narrow them down by looking at those who are closest to you and accept fee-based payments dependent on how well your investments do rather than a commission for selling you on particular products.

Choosing the Right Advisor

Choosing the right advisor proves different for each person. You may want a financial consultant who previously worked with a family friend you know to be dependable. Another customer may want a planner who specializes in estate planning and retirement income management. Whatever a person needs, they need to consider it carefully so they are sure they are selecting the best option.

Type “El Paso, TX” into the “Find a Financial Planner” tool on the CFP website. After clicking “Search,” you will receive a comprehensive list of all certified planners in the El Paso region. You can refine your search by selecting your investable assets, desired specialty, needed language, or compensation type. Narrowing your fields ensures you find an option in your area that most closely resembles what you are looking for in a financial advisor.

Most advisors in El Paso only speak English. If you are a native Spanish speaker, you may want to find a professional who can discuss things with you in your language, so it is easier for you to understand. Miguel Angel Gomez Garcia, a CFP with Lauterbach Financial Advisors, offers Comprehensive Financial Planning in both Spanish and English. Travis J. Hughes with Investors Capital, Elizabeth Dipp Metzger with Eagle Strategies, and Monica S. Narvaez with Strategic Wealth Advisors do as well.

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