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El Paso Assisted Living

"Texas tough!" is a common phrase in the United States, but we all arrive at that point in our lives when no matter how tough you are, you need help.  Living on your own in the old family home can become increasingly difficult as your strength and health inevitably decline with age. Although there are many in-home health and homemaker services available to El Paso seniors that can make staying on your own easier, eventually many people decide that an assisted living facility is the best solution to maintaining a good quality of life. Fortunately for Austin seniors, the cost of senior care is lower than the national average, and they have dozens of great options in 55+ communities to choose from. Keep on reading to learn about the different amenities and services you’ll find in Austin senior communities and find out how you might finance your new lifestyle.

The Cost of Senior Care in El Paso

The average cost of living in a senior assisted living facility across the United States is an eye-watering $3600 per month, and here is where El Paso shines.  In El Paso, the median cost of assisted living accommodations is a reasonable $2000 per month. Making the cost of care even more affordable in El Paso is the fact that there is a wide range of prices between different senior care communities.  Factors such as location, amenities, and level of medical care available onsite will affect the monthly cost of residence. SeniorAdvisor has many listings for the El Paso area, covering many different levels of care.  You’ll find communities like Sunridge at Cielo Vista that offers a great southwestern lifestyle for seniors and Regency of El Paso which combines convenient location with great amenities.

What You Can Look Forward

There is an incredible range of amenities that you can find in El Paso assisted living communities.  Many senior residences pride themselves on being pet-friendly, some have onsite beauty salons or barber shops that residents can enjoy.  Some 55+ communities are great for seniors that enjoy day trips to local attractions and entertainment.  Take a look at senior communities like Royal Estates of El Paso and Serenity House Assisted Living, Inc. to get an idea of the range of services and activities available in El Paso for Texas seniors.   Consider carefully the things you need to ensure your personal quality of life, and you’re sure to find a senior living facility that will provide them for you.

Locating the Right Assisted Living Facility in El Paso

After you’ve decided what the most important services and amenities are for you, you need to start looking for the 55+ communities that provide what you want.   The best way to begin is to use online searches to learn which communities are in the areas you want to live in, and begin comparing the different levels of care, types of recreation offered, and size of accommodation.   The next step in researching potential senior communities is to ask people their opinion on senior communities they are familiar with.  Friends and family may already be living in an assisted living facility, or know someone who is a resident in one.  They can offer valuable insight on what to expect in particular senior communities. It’s important to ask exactly what each senior care community provides with your monthly payment and what (if any) services and activities are offered at extra cost.  

How Will You Pay For El Paso Assisted Living?

Even under the best circumstances, paying for senior community accommodation can be an expensive proposition.   Granted, living in a 55+ community can be much less expensive than the combination of expenses you’ll pay maintaining your old home. You’ll still need to plan on how you’ll pay for your senior living situation in the long-term. For the senior homeowner, it’s relatively easy to use your real estate to defray the costs of senior care.  By selling your home, you can realize enough profit to finance year's worth of senior community living. If you don’t mind assuming the role and responsibilities of a landlord, renting your home as a residence or vacation home can provide a steady monthly income.  Another possibility for homeowners is to get a reverse mortgage on your home.  A reverse mortgage will provide a steady monthly income, without the potential headaches of being a landlord. Before making any financial commitment in order to finance your senior care needs, make sure to speak to a financial planner, lawyer or other financial/legal professional to ensure that you’re making the best arrangements for your circumstances. If you (or your spouse) served your country during wartime, you may qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance pension to pay for your senior care costs.  Contact the VA’s regional office for information and to apply.  While the approval process can be drawn out, it could make a big difference for low-income vets.   Of course, you can rely on your Social Security benefits and any pension you’ve earned over the course of your working career.  Combined with other sources of income, it could make a big difference. For seniors who have no assets to sell, there is always Medicaid.  Medicaid is a federally and state funded program that finances medical care and services for low-income seniors.  Medicaid can provide nursing home care for low-income/low-asset seniors in El Paso.  Find out more about eligibility rules or even to apply for Medicaid in Texas, visit the Your Texas Benefits web page.

Now That You Know About Assisted Living in El Paso

Now that you know about assisted living in El Paso, why don’t you use the resources available at SeniorAdvisor to find out more detailed information about assisted living and nursing home facilities, El Paso neighborhoods, amenities, and other important senior related information for the 55+ community in Texas?

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