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El Paso Alzheimer’s Care

Thousands of families in Texas are impacted by memory loss diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. The West Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is devoted to helping patients and their families in the El Paso and surrounding areas learn to cope with the daily struggles associated with this disease. They provide support and guidance during this trying time.

El Paso Alzheimer’s Information

The West Texas Chapter offers early stage memory loss programs and support groups to those in need.

One in nine seniors over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s.

The West Texas Chapter has a $1 million budget allocated to helping families in need.

The El Paso helpline can be reached at 1-800-272-3900.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in Texas.

Medicaid put over $2 million towards Alzheimer’s care in 2016 alone.

More than 5,000 people passed away due to Alzheimer’s in the state of Texas in one year.

The total value of unpaid care from family caregivers exceeds $18 billion per year on average.

What to Expect From Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s care can come in several forms, depending on the option the patient or their family chooses. Many opt to place their loved one in a nursing home facility that is well equipped to handle their needs. A special memory care community is available in many El Paso nursing homes to ensure the right care is provided. They place special emphasis on Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss patients who need the extra care and assistance.

Another option is for family members to provide the care themselves, simply utilizing an adult day care option when needed. A member of the patient’s family will take care of most daily needs, but will take their loved one to an adult day care on certain occasions. The center often provides meals, activities, and even nursing care for anyone brought there on that day.

A third choice is to have an in-home health care provider attend to the patient’s daily needs. This allows him or her to stay in their own home, yet still receive the attention they require. The home health aide will often bathe, clothe, and feed the patient when necessary, and may even tend to housekeeping duties. They could also offer transportation to appointments and even the grocery store, or simply handle shopping duties alone.

Costs of El Paso Alzheimer’s Care

The cost of El Paso Alzheimer’s care is slightly lower than the typical U.S. average. This makes managing costs more affordable. It is still high though, totaling $35,693 per year on average for simple homemaker services. The same rate applies for a home health aide.

Adult day care costs are much less expensive. Patients can expect to pay just over $6,500 per year for this option. Nursing homes are of course more expensive, reaching over $65,000 per year for a private room. This is due to the many features and amenities that are included in this type of housing facility, including full meals, daily activities, an onsite dining room, a common area, and much more.

Paying for Care in the El Paso Area

Paying for care in the El Paso area can prove difficult for many people. The costs are often far more than what a person can afford on their own, making it hard to come up with the total amount of money required to pay for the full services. This is why many people have to carefully budget their money and find the cheapest option possible for their financial situation.

Selling a Home to Pay for a Nursing Home

A nursing home facility is the highest total cost, which makes it a difficult choice for many to make. Some would rather stay home and take care of their loved ones instead of putting them in an expensive home. The thing to consider here is the amount of time the loved one will truly have to be in the home. It may only be a year or two due to the progressive disease that is Alzheimer’s. Selling their home may create enough of a profit to pay for the nursing home in its entirety.

Choosing Adult Day Care

Adult day care is the best option for many because of how much less expensive it is. Family members may take turns taking care of their loved one, or one of them could choose to take on all the work. When they need a break or will be out for the day, the adult day care will provide all of the care their loved one needs. This allows the patient to stay in their own home and be taken care of by someone they love, yet still provide them with an opportunity to socialize with others. Socializing and partaking in the provided activities is a major benefit to adult day care.

Using Insurance to Cover the Costs

Insurance should always be the first thought when dealing with nursing homes, Alzheimer’s care, and long-term options. Many plans will cover at least a portion of the costs. Some have a set amount of days they will pay for the insurance holder to stay in a nursing facility, such as up to 100 days. This will take off more than three months of the cost, leaving only nine months out of the year for the patient or their family to pay. It cuts down the cost exponentially. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance options are all available to look into.

Double-Occupancy Room

A final option to look into is a double-occupancy room. This allows two people to share a suite and receive a discount on costs. This type of room typically has two separated beds, yet the remainder of the suite is shared between both occupants. It allows each person to have their privacy, yet also have a companion to share costs, meals, and activity time with. This option is available in many El Paso nursing facilities.

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