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El Paso 55+ Communities

Retirement is the time of life that we all look forward to after a lifetime of working and raising children. After the kids have moved out, and you no longer have a daily commute and work to worry about, it could be tempting to downsize.

A large family home can become a millstone around your neck when you consider the regular maintenance, snow removal, lawn maintenance, and a myriad of other expenses along with physically demanding chores associated with home ownership.

Moving into a senior assisted living community could be the way to go. These communities go by a variety of different names; 55+ communities, senior resort living communities, and retirement centers. These places offer seniors a great range of amenities, assisted living services, and worry free residences that will make your retirement an easy, happy time to enjoy the interests and activities that you enjoy.

The El Paso area is home to several senior living communities that each has much to recommend them. Sunridge at Cielo Vista will take care of your independent and assisted living needs. Sunridge at Desert Springs offers a variety of activities and amenities that can make life satisfying.

Paying for Senior Living in El Paso, Texas

Don’t rely on using social security benefits or long-term care insurance to afford your senior residence living arrangements. Market fluctuations and low-interest rates mean that there are many cracked nest eggs out there.

Consider being more creative in your options for financing your retirement lifestyle. If you own your home, then renting it out might be a good way to help finance your senior living community costs. Later on, you can always sell your home and use the money to finance your last years in comfort and security.

Splitting the costs of your accommodation might be another possibility. Consider sharing space with a roommate. Make sure that if you decide that sharing a room with someone is the way to go, that you both get along well.

The Specifics of Senior Retirement Community Living

We all have different ideas about what comprises a satisfying lifestyle and a great quality of life. Decide exactly what your ideas are, write them down, and then decide what you absolutely must have, what you can do without, and what is a negotiable lifestyle factor on your list.

For some people, the most important thing is accommodating a beloved pet, for others, it may be very important to remain near extended family. Many retirees would simply like to enjoy a resort style list of amenities with an onsite pub.

Some retirees just need a worry-free place to hang their hat in between extended trips around the country, or even the world.

There are many senior living communities that will offer vacation resort style living for their residents. This could be a fantastic choice for retirees who want to enjoy the free time that retirement has provided them.

Talk to people you know, read online reviews and see what the El Paso area has to offer you.

Senior Living in El Paso Basics

You will need to find out the specific costs associated with your senior assisted living community residence. What amenities and services are included in your senior living arrangement? Are meals provided as part of your monthly payments? Is housekeeping and group transportation included?

What utilities, if any are covered by your monthly rents? Electricity and heat can be expensive, and you’ll save a lot of money if at least the major utilities are included.

Is WiFi access and cable TV included in the monthly rent? The internet is an important way for seniors to remain connected to family, friends and the world in general. Cable TV can be expensive, does the community offer discounted or inclusive cable TV service?

If the meal plan is included in your rent, you’ll want to ask if snacks and drinks outside of scheduled meal times are included as well.

There Can be Many Extras, Find Out What They Are

Senior living communities can come in a wide variety of configurations. Some communities are focused on a population of dependent seniors such as Alzheimer’s patients and Parkinson’s disease sufferers. Other residences are designed to be more like resort communities.

Some facilities can be very attractive for retirees. Some facilities have state-of-the-art fitness facilities and exercise classes. Some senior residence communities even have fully equipped game rooms and onsite pubs to provide hours of fun socializing.

The El Paso Neighborhood

El Paso is the sixth-largest city in Texas and is located in the far western area of Texas. The city is located on the northern bank of the Rio Grande and is opposite the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez. Choosing a senior retirement community in El Paso means easy access to Mexican locations for day trips and sightseeing.

El Paso includes areas within walking distance of shops and entertainment and areas where driving is the only practical means of getting around. El Paso is a major tourist destination that provides countless opportunities for fun activities, examining fascinating local architecture, and dining on some delicious Southwestern and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Look Ahead

Life is full of changes. Old age brings some inevitable changes that must be considered when you’re deciding on a retirement community in El Paso. If you settle into a resort-style senior residence community, will you be accommodated as your abilities deteriorate with age? Do you want to face the prospect of moving into another facility as your faculties fail?

Although it’s understandable that we don’t want to think about the inevitable end of our lives, it’s still an important consideration when choosing the right senior living arrangements for your needs. Research all the care options offered by the communities in the area you want to live.

Sunridge at Palisades will provide a complete range of amenities, including a full-service barber shop, fitness facilities, and a beautiful library. Rio Norte is located on the east side of El Paso. You’ll be near shopping, entertainment, medical services and attractive city walks.

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