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Top Durham Senior Discounts

Senior discounts are an American tradition. Considering the myriad negatives that surround the aging process, it’s nice to enjoy some small benefits too. Keep reading to learn about 10 places in North Carolina where you can take advantage of a senior discount and have a fun day out.

Here’s a list of 10 great sights and attractions where North Carolina seniors can enjoy the senior discounts they’ve waited for.

1. Indian Death Tiki of Awesomeness

Officially named "Maniac," standing 16 feet tall, this saber-toothed, club-clutching, goggle-eye-socketed skeletal chief stands as a demonic photo-op along US 19. It’s free to drive by, stand next to or take pictures of. The Indian Death Tiki of Awesomeness is essentially a great idea someone had to get people to stop and spend money at local businesses.

2. Shangri-La Stone Village

It’s a fantasy town created of stone. Shangri-La has a gym, bank, library, gas station, theater, and hotel. It’s reportedly a work in progress and is free to visit.

3. Belhaven Memorial Museum

The Belhaven Memorial Museum holds the collections of Mrs. Eva Blount Way, a seriously eccentric woman who simply couldn't throw anything away. The museum displays three freaks, prenatal babies in jars, large, pickled tumors retrieved from the local hospital and other even more bizarre displays. Entry is free for all.

4. World's Largest Chest of Drawers

Built in the 1920s by the High Point Chamber of Commerce, the twenty-foot tall building-with-knobs served as the local "bureau of information." In 1996, the building was renovated and turned into the 38-foot tall Goddard-Townsend block front chest. Free to visit. Strange to see.

5. Hillside of Concrete Statues

Along a rural road, view an army of concrete warriors, animals, and Jesi crowding a hillside below the local concrete statue factory. Free to stop by and see.

6. Museum of the Waxhaws and Andrew Jackson

Exhibits in the museum are devoted to the Waxhaw Indians and the Scots-Irish settlers that replaced them. Senior admission is always discounted.

7. Judaculla Rock

Judaculla Rock is a nearly-forgotten, obscure oddity, tucked into a back hollow of the Appalachian foothills. Today, local boosters tout the rock's cultural and archeological significance, and it's easy to get to.

8. World's Largest Ten Commandments

Each letter is five feet high and four feet wide, set into a grassy slope extending heavenward. The view from the bottom offers 350+ steps up to the top of the hill. On the other side of a narrow valley and paved with large parking lots for the church crowd, is Prayer Mountain. If you like religious memorabilia – this museum is for you.

9. World's Largest Duncan Phyfe Chair

Free to visit. Built of concrete and steel in 1948 and placed on a granite pedestal in 1951, the World's Largest Duncan Phyfe Chair is probably the sturdiest of America's giant chair monuments, and definitely the best looking.

10. Cherokee Town

Check out this kitschy, Indian themed town where you can indulge in Native American themed sights, sounds, and souvenirs. Take a picture with an “authentic” Cherokee and pose in front of a Wigwam.

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