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LGBT Senior Services in Durham

Being a member of the gay community has always been difficult, but being gay and a senior in North Carolina just magnifies the daily problems that members of the rainbow community in Durham, North Carolina have to handle every day.

It’s vital to have a system of support in place to make sure that you have the best quality of life possible as you get older within the North Carolina based pride community.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of gay support groups and senior pride services that want nothing more than to do all they can to make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable in this beautiful American state.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the organizations that are dedicated to helping gay seniors, and only members of the LGBT community to step ahead and get everything that they need to succeed as the years pass and they grow older.

The Guilford College GLBTQA Resource Center

The Guilford College GLBTQA Resource Center is an amazing group of gay academics, students, and volunteers that try their best to advance the interests of North Carolina’s LGBTQ community in every way possible.

The Guilford College GLBTQA Resource Center is a center of gay activism in the South and plays an intrinsic role in making sure that students at the University are confronted with the negative effects of discrimination.

Thanks to the Guilford College GLBTQA Resource Center, the queer community in and around the University can be safe in the knowledge that from freshman students to senior academic staff, the special interests of gays (including the gay senior community) will be addressed and support will always be available to them.

Triangle Business & Professional Guild

Triangle Business & Professional Guild is a business help organization that wants to ensure that gay and lesbian North Carolina business owners have all the help possible to succeed in today’s challenging economic environment. The Triangle Business & Professional Guild will make sure that, as a homosexual citizen of the great state of North Carolina, you can get farther ahead against your competition, against discrimination, and to make sure that cisgendered people who are trying to cause your business unnecessary hassles are properly confronted.

Contact the Triangle Business & Professional Guild if you’re a gay North Carolina business owner and want the special support that only the LGBT community can provide for its own members.

Equality North Carolina

Equality North Carolina is an organization that wants to make sure that North Carolina’s gay and transgender community is able to do better than otherwise possible in the face of discrimination and the natural challenges that come with being gay and getting older.

Equality North Carolina offers gay, North Carolina seniors assistance in living better by offering support groups, help with accessing support services, applying to benefits programs, and generally stepping ahead as proud members of a community that has historically been treated badly in this part of the US.

Check out Equality North Carolina if you’re a North Carolina, gay or lesbian, senior who feels that they need help from people who understand where they’re coming from.

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