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How to Get Around Durham Without Driving

Getting around Durham can prove tricky when you have no vehicle to transport yourself. When you need a ride, look into the various organizations and services offered in the city to get you there. Taxi services, senior care providers and more employ drivers whose primary job is to shuttle residents from one location to the next so people can make it to their destination with ease.

Durham Area Transit Authority

Also known as GoDurham, the transit system in the city offers services around town to any patron who needs them. You can use the easy scheduling option online to plan your trip, entering your to and from addresses, and what day and time you want to depart.

Seniors age 65 and over can show their ID and receive free fare. You can also obtain a GoDurham discount ID from the station that you can use for future rides. Free bus transportation means you always have a way to get from one location to the next when you have somewhere to go. It is just a matter of finding the correct bus route.

Cabs of North Carolina

Multiple taxi companies exist in North Carolina, with several options in the Durham area. One of the most well-rated choices in town is Horus Taxi LLC. A Senior On the Go Shuttle Service transports elderly citizens to and from their destinations for a low fee. You can make your reservation online or call (919) 637-8833. There is also a grocery delivery program for seniors so you can avoid making the trip altogether if you wish.

Charlene’s Safe Ride is another option. A medical transfer is one of the most common reasons for needing this service. You can get a ride to or from your doctor’s appointments or the hospital if necessary. There are low vans for easy access, and you can call and ride the same day without needing to make a prior request for services.

Senior Transportation Services

Seniors on the Go is a premier service offered by a private company in North Carolina. You can use them as a medical companion, to run personal errands for you, get your groceries delivered, or transportation throughout the city. Call 1-800-517-4149 or email [email protected] to hire a driver.

Contact the Durham Center for Senior Life if you are in need of transportation. They will help you find services that match your needs. The Center’s goal is to keep the elderly community of Durham healthy, active, and independent.

Finding Additional Durham Transportation

The transportation and travel services page of Durham’s website list a plethora of options in the city for finding a ride. From a pedicab to airport transportation, there are plenty of choices to meet your needs. You can even use the site to search for the particular type of travel method you desire, such as biking. Some bike rental facilities allow you to rent a bike for a day or a few hours so you can get around town yourself.

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