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Durham Veterans Benefits

When veterans come home, there are benefits they receive for their service. Durham has services and resources for veterans that help them find all the benefits they need. There are health care programs that can help veterans get primary care along with mental health wellness services and substance abuse treatment programs. Durham also has housing assistance to help homeless veterans and veteran’s families as well as employment assistance, local job listings, training, and other supportive services.

Durham Health Care for Veterans

Health care for veterans is important, not only for those injured in the line of duty but for those that struggle with things like PTSD or need access to substance abuse programs. Sadly, many veterans don’t know what their benefits cover and some don’t think they qualify for care. The VA states any active duty member or veteran with a discharge that isn’t dishonorable can get health care benefits. Even people who serve with the National Guard or the Reserve are eligible for care if they served during a federally ordered service period. There are priority groups when it comes to applying for health care, so keep that in mind.

Durham is home to the VA Medical Center in North Carolina as well as various veterans’ homes throughout the state. Seniors can also find primary care, telehealth systems, hospice services, in-home care, and other medical care through the medical center. There are also various community clinics in the area that can serve veterans. Caregivers can also use the VA to find supportive services for their duties.

The VA also runs a Medical Foster Home program for seniors that want an alternative to assisted living facilities. Veterans that need long-term care can live with a vetted caregiver, in the area and that person will prepare their meals, help them with daily tasks, and provide transportation to medical appointments.

Durham Housing for Veterans

Veterans can find a list of services on Durham County’s website, and this list includes housing benefits. Those benefits might be:

Home loans for a variety of things. There is eligibility for VA guaranteed loans to build, repair, or improve a home. These loans include modifications for veterans with special needs.

Veterans can also refine an existing home with help from the VA.

Disabled veterans can also get property tax exemptions in North Carolina.

Any veteran that is homeless or veterans in emergency situations that could lead to homelessness can find assistance through the North Carolina Military and Veterans Affairs department. Durham is home to groups like Healing with CAARE, Volunteers of America, and Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers that can help place veterans and their families in transitional or permanent homes.

Other Benefits for Durham Veterans

There are more services for homeless veterans or those with a low-income at Durham Opening Doors. Veterans who would like to continue their education or get a degree can use their GI bill to go to college or receive on the job training.

NC Works has specific veteran services that include career assessments, labor market information, job interview preparation, and access to computers and free internet services. They also have listings for local jobs.

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