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Durham Support Groups for Caregivers

As you take care of your loved one, don’t forget about yourself. You need to take breaks and get the support you need. Local government agencies, nonprofits, and medical facilities offer educational programs, respite care options, support groups, and more to help you provide care.  You are not in this alone.  Check out some of these resources in the Durham area.

Durham Center for Senior Life

Durham residents can get assistance from the Family Caregiver Support Service to help you make decisions for caregiving. Through these services, you can get counseling, participate in a monthly caregiver support group, and get an education through a six-week program that provides the tools and information for making tough decisions.  

Durham residents can also get free, in-home respite care for a scheduled time to take a break and recharge.

For more information, call 919.688.8247 or send an online request.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern Carolina Programs

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a variety of services to help caregivers deal with stress including care consultation, training, referrals for local services, early-stage programs, and caregiver support groups.

The Association is there for you 24/7 through the Helpline at 1.800.272.3900 for questions about the Association’s programs, care options, caregiving tips, respite care options, and emotional support when your stress level gets high.

Local support groups can help you emotionally by meeting face-to-face with others in similar situations.  You can share experiences and talk through concerns. You can also join the online community to connect with others across the nation in chat rooms, message boards, and forums.

Education can be helpful to know what to expect.  The Association offers various educational opportunities with local area training programs, eLearning, educational materials, and conferences.  There is also an extensive online library. You can borrow materials from the local Green-Field Library.

To learn more about programs available, you can call the local Eastern Carolina Chapter at 919.803.8285 or call the Helpline.

VA Support Programs for Veteran Caregivers

If you care for a veteran, you may be eligible for services at the Durham VA Medical Center.  Caregivers of veterans may utilize these services:

In-home services including homemaking, skilled nursing care, and home health aides

A dedicated Helpline for all questions and inquiries on local services at 855.260.3274

Adult day centers

In-home respite care

Peer support groups for caregivers to share ideas

Hospice home care

There are also additional services for veterans injured post 9/11 including a stipend, additional training, and medical coverage if there is no insurance available.

Contact the local Caregiver Support Coordinator at 919.286.0411, extension 6068, to learn more about these programs.

Cancer Support Groups

Cancer is a scary word, and caring for a loved one with cancer can also be challenging. Meet with other caregivers through Duke Health at the Cancer Center Cafe.  Meeting with others helps you deal with your loved one’s diagnosis. Meetings are every third Thursday of the month.

Triangle J Council of Governments

The Caregiver Information Program helps caregivers caring for a loved one over the age of 60. The North Carolina Family Caregiver Program offers services to:

Connect caregivers with local resources

Training and counseling

Locate services

Respite care

Supplemental services

For more information, call 919.558.9391.

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