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Durham Senior Living

There comes a time when even the toughest Durham resident needs a hand with chores. We all get sick and need a helping hand from time to time, whether we like to admit it or not. Durham-area seniors may realize they need a lot more assistance than before and can begin to look into senior living options in their area. There are on-call delivery options, chore services, and even assisted living communities with a room ready for a senior in need. With a full spectrum of senior services available, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for quickly. Use this guide to find some of the best options for your situation.

What Does Senior Living Cost in Durham?

The costs associated with senior living in Durham vary significantly. Do you want to remain in your home and get a caregiver to help you out? You would be looking at an average hourly rate of $20. Would you prefer to have a family member take care of you, and only use adult day care services on occasion? Those facilities charge $65 for the day.

Nursing homes and assisted living are priced significantly higher. The benefit is that you not only get the rental price, but also three included meals, the use of the common areas and activity rooms, and a nursing staff on-site 24 hours a day. The monthly rates of assisted living spaces in Durham are $4,000. You would spend $74,825 annually for a semi-private room in a nursing home, and $96,407 for a private one.

Senior Living Options in Durham

As more people retire, the senior living choices in each area must expand to meet the growing needs of the community. There are all-inclusive options as well as customizable plans offered through various establishments. The first step in making a decision that fits your lifestyle is knowing all that is available.

At-Home and Community Services

Both at-home and community services make up the list of possibilities in Durham.

Homemaker services in Durham include housekeepers coming to help pick up the space. You may not be able to handle daily chores, but a homemaker can get them done for you. Some may even handle personal care tasks, such as bathing, and do the grocery shopping and cooking.

Home health services pertain to medical-related aspects of life. Do you need someone to help you remember to take your medication? Do you have a wound that requires care? A home health aide will offer these services and more. He or she can come on a daily basis or just once a week, whatever is needed by the individual.

Adult day programs allow seniors to participate in activities, socialize with others, and have a watchful eye on them while their caregivers are away. The program typically takes place during the week from morning hours until late afternoon. A healthy lunch gets provided.

Independent concierge services allow homeowners to remain in their homes while others accomplish their tasks for them. Sites and apps like TaskRabbit and Rover allow others to earn money running errands for you. You can have them pick up your groceries, walk your dog, and even drop off mail. Whatever you need to get done, they will handle it for you.

Questions to Ask About In-Home and Community Services

You should never hire a service without first looking into their reviews and getting feedback about the job they do from others. Check online and ask family and friends before settling on an option. There are important questions to ask yourself regarding in-home and community services.

Does the provider possess insurance?

Does the state license the company?

Do all employees undergo background checks?

Is a backup plan in place in case a worker does not make it to the job site?

Is transportation available to and from the adult day care facility?

Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Home Care

Assisted living communities and nursing homes have varying levels of assistance. Choose the option that best meets your needs, whether you require advanced memory care at assisted living or a semi-private room at a nursing home.

Independent living allows you to live on your own. Each senior has space designed like an apartment. You get to maintain your place alone without help and continue to live your active lifestyle. This option works well for new retirees.

Assisted living gives you private living quarters and some independence, yet you have on-site assistance when it’s needed. Housekeeping typically gets offered in this situation, so you can partake in activities and enjoy life while someone else handles the clean-up duties.

Nursing homes focus on skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy. Long-term care and chronic conditions are often seen in a facility of this nature. You may choose to live in a nursing home or get put in one after a hospital stay.

Questions to Ask About Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Is continuum of care offered?

What services get included in the monthly fee?

Are there other options available for an extra fee?

Can you use independent concierge services while living in one of these facilities?

Paying for Senior Care

Paying for care does not have to be daunting. Check into your insurance plan first to see how much service they cover. Medicaid and Medicare are two of the best options for seniors. After insurance pays for their portion of the services, you may have a balance left over. Look into reverse mortgage options and even VA benefits to help pay off the rest.

Big Events in Durham

You don’t have to sit around the nursing home with nothing to do. There are big events in Durham that can help occupy your time. The Carolina Theatre is the place to go if you enjoy concerts. Music legends like Loretta Lynn come to the stage to perform hits. The Durham Performing Arts Center is another location to try. They hold musicals and other performances there for you to enjoy.

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