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Durham Respite Care and Adult Day Care

The temporary care of an elderly citizen is known as respite care. An adult day care is also useful for this purpose. These options allow seniors to receive the care they need while their caregivers are not able to do so for a short period. There are plenty of care opportunities in Durham that make this possible.

What are Adult Day Care and Respite Care Programs Like?

Both respite care programs and adult day care centers offer similar features. They are simply safe locations where seniors can go when they need attention and care. They often provide meals, a choice of activities, and nurses that work to manage health needs.

The activities are endless at adult day centers and respite care locations. People can simply sit around and play cards, or they can join in on an exercise program that gets them up and moving. Some may offer chair exercises that are easier for seniors to handle. There may also be field trips out into town to allow seniors to enjoy all Durham has to offer. Bus transportation typically gets used in this instance.

Who Provides Adult Day Care in Durham?

There are several adult day care providers in Durham. Golden Horizons is one option. Residing at 1106 Hillandale Road, this center stays open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday to accommodate many caregivers’ schedules. Accredited CNAs offer care to all seniors in the program. To qualify for this center, you must meet with a staff member and have a comprehensive family assessment completed. The worker will learn about your needs and see if the facility is a good fit for your loved one.

Community Life is another option in the city. Located at 406 Rigsbee Ave # 102, this facility provides adult day care services to an elderly citizen in the community. You can call (919) 682-0215 if you want to see if there are openings available for your family member. Just a short distance away in Cary, a third choice makes the list. Total Life Centers also operates as a respite care establishment for seniors.

What Does Adult Day Care Cost and Who Pays For It?

Adult day care has various costs throughout each state. In Durham, the average daily price falls at $65. This amount is less than the national average of $69 per day. Even with a smaller daily rate, the cost of adult day care can still end up totaling over $16,000 by the end of the year if the service is getting utilized every day.

The person who needs the care may pay for these costs, or the caregiver may be responsible for them. Whichever way it works out, there are methods for receiving care for less that people can consider. Medicare and Medicaid are options for those with low income. They will pay a portion of the costs when being in the program is necessary for the senior citizen. Having them attend just a few days a week, rather than every day, will also help cut costs.

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