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Durham Nursing Homes

Moving to a nursing home is inevitable for most people, but that does not mean everyone enjoys the process of making the transition. Durham has numerous facilities throughout the area that go above and beyond for care. Take a look at the rundown of Durham-area nursing home services, costs, and qualifications to determine the best option for your needs.

Fun Facts on Nursing Homes

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey North Carolina,, and SeniorAdvisor:

There are dozens of nursing homes in Durham.

25 nursing homes in Durham and surrounding North Carolina cities are Medicare-certified.

The Durham Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is one of the most commonly used options in the area.

North Carolina has thousands of beds for patients throughout all nursing homes.

A private nursing home room costs an average of $264 per day.

Average Amount of Time Spent in a Home

The average length of stay varies considerably, depending on whether seniors move in years ahead of their time or near the end of life. The stay could be a few months or a few years. It also depends on the services needed. There are short-term care options provided at nursing homes, such as rehabilitation services after a fall, stroke, or severe illness. You need time to get back on your feet but can return home once you do.

You may only need a few weeks in a skilled nursing facility. Say you break your leg and need physical therapy. You reside at the home until you have completed your therapy and can walk on your own again or with limited help from a walker. Once your treatment gets completed, you are free to head home. The various levels of care are why many nursing locations offer both private rooms and a separate ward with over 100 beds for patients who stay short-term.

Respite care is another possibility. You may only stay at the establishment for a day while your caregiver is away. You participate in activities, enjoy a meal, and spend time socializing with others. If you have a medical condition, the nursing staff may also monitor you while you are in attendance.

Personal Care, Therapy, and More

There are numerous services you can receive from a nursing home. They offer a step-up in care from a general assisted living facility. Skilled nurses regularly monitor the residents to ensure they are in good health. If you have a serious illness or injury and need frequent assistance, a nursing home is a place to be.

Personal care is just one part of the services offered. A staff member helps you get dressed, take baths, and even eat if these are tasks you need help doing. Most nursing locations have assistance devices throughout the rooms so you can attempt to manage on your own. There may be grab bars near the toilets and in the bathtub to help you get a grip so you can get back upright.

Therapy gets offered in many cases. You can work with a physical therapist to regain mobility, a speech therapist to improve memory and speech, or an occupational therapist to relearn basic everyday tasks. Facilities have a therapy room on-site that provides exercise equipment, stairs, and other helpful devices to get you moving.

Social activities give residents a chance to meet up with others and engage in conversation. You can use the game room to play some chess or just sit in the lounge area to chat. Regular activities get held as well, such as Friday movie nights, arts and crafts, cooking classes, and more to keep you entertained and busy. Special holiday gatherings also get held that allow your family to come in and participate in fun events with you.

Rates for Care in Durham

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey lists the median annual rate for Durham and Chapel Hill at $96,407. For this rate, you get a private room with meals included and all the amenities. If you only stay for a year, this rate may not be so bad. The longer you live there, though, the more money you are going to spend on care costs. A semi-private room is one way to help you save. The median yearly price for that option is $74,825. You still get to enjoy meals and activities; you will just have to share a living space with another person. Your roommate may become your new best friend, though, making the price even more worth it.

Rates vary depending on the location, the number of beds, and amenities offered. Some non-profit organizations may negotiate their rates with you if you do not have Medicaid and cannot afford to pay the total expense out-of-pocket. If you do have Medicaid or Medicare, you can get a significant portion of your costs paid for you.

Setting the Standards of a Valid Nursing Home Choice

Not all nursing homes are created equal. You need to find a location that sets the standards for a valid facility option. The place you choose should first be Medicare-certified. Without this certification, you can not use Medicaid to pay for services. Both Medicaid and Medicare certifications ensure the facility can accept these insurance types and you do not have to pay entirely out-of-pocket or use a private agency. Use the “Find Nursing Homes” tool on the Medicare website to discover possibilities in Durham. More than 20 locations pop up around Durham and surrounding North Carolina cities.

Finding a location that passes state inspections, has their license, is clean and well-maintained, and properly staffed is also important. You want a facility that offers a variety of food on their menu and has various activities for you to enjoy. The place should be safe, clean, and filled with great features.

You can speak to neighbors and friends, if you want a recommendation on the best nursing home in Durham. The Area Agency on Aging will also have some suggestions. Ask any questions you want about a facility, and they will do their best to provide valid answers.

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