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Durham Hospice Care

The thought of death nearing is hard for you and emotionally difficult for your loved ones. Hospice care providers will make these last weeks or months much easier for all involved.

Durham has a big choice of licensed hospice care service companies to choose from. Even though many senior citizens believe that hospice care service is offered in a certain location, this isn’t the case.

Hospice care services will help Durham seniors in their familiar homes, a senior community, and in hospital settings. Hospice care is intended to help keep you comfortable and as pain-free as they can manage in the last months of your life.

Premium hospice service can also offer important assistance for your loved ones. There will also be staff to help in household chores, cooking meals, performing small errands, and lend a hand where it’s needed.

Durham seniors who need hospice care services can continue reading this article to discover who provides hospice care service in Durham, how to get hospice care service, and how you might pay for the hospice care you need in Durham.

The Hospice Care Staff in Durham

The foundation of your hospice care service is provided by professional and caring homemaker helpers or home health aides. The aides will assist you with your bodily care such as bathing, grooming, meal prep, and feeding help.

Psychological counselors and Durham social workers will give psychological support and critical information about what to expect in the days and weeks leading up to death. They’ll offer a sympathetic ear and helpful advice to your loved ones as they come to terms with the last period of your life.

Nurses will follow the hospice doctor’s orders about your drugs, your pain relief system, and also check your vital signs for signs of distress.

The physician is the hospice team boss who makes sure that every part of your medical care is carried out properly, as well as ensuring that any DNR order is respected and followed.

Finding Hospice Care in Durham

There are many ways to locate premium hospice care service providers in Durham.

When you start looking for care, your doctor will provide a thorough list of Durham hospice care providers that he/she knows about. But there are other, even more helpful sources of information you can utilize. is an invaluable resource for information about senior services to the elder community and maintains a big list of hospice service and in-home care providers in the Durham region.

The Association for Hospices and Palliative Care has a great list of hospice and palliative care providers in North Carolina and Durham.

Paying for Hospice Care in Durham

Durham seniors can use Medicare part A to pay for the hospice care service that they need, and eligible North Carolina vets can go to the Veteran’s Administration website to find out if they qualify for hospice care through the VA healthcare system.

Low-income seniors can take advantage of hospice care providers who charge according to a sliding scale.

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