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Durham Funeral Homes

The right funeral home will help you through the difficult process of losing a loved one. With countless details to sort out during this time, you want a professional, yet friendly business that can meet your needs while offering guidance and support. Durham has many funeral homes in the area, but not all are created equally. Be sure to take your time choosing before making the final pick on the home and the services.

What Should You Know Before Selecting a Funeral Home Package?

Many funeral parlors have packages available that include various aspects of the service. Some cost a considerable amount, while others require minimum payments. Federal law states that you do not have to accept these packages as fact. You have the ability to pick and choose the precise services you want. You can also obtain a written document detailing all associated prices so no one can try to talk you into a higher price.

Embalming is a common practice used to preserve the body. Many homes may indicate it as a necessity, but North Carolina law says otherwise. You do not have to have the body embalmed if you do not want to, although some parlors will not hold the body for an extended time without doing so. Numerous other laws and regulations exist in the state. Look at the Board of Funeral Service consumer resources section to see a full guide.

What Should You Look for in a Funeral Home?

Never settle for any funeral home. You should look at certain aspects before making your final decision, such as who has the best prices, which directors seem to genuinely care and make you feel comfortable, and what recommendations your friends and family have provided. Call around to several locations in the area and ask for price quotes over the phone. Once you have settled on a few options, visit each of them to get a feel for the service they offer.

You can also check licenses. All funeral homes must get licensed by the state to operate legally. Call the North Carolina Board of Funeral Services at 919-733-9380 or look online to see if a location has been certified to run. The establishment resides in Raleigh, which is less than 30 minutes away from Durham. Visit 1033 Wade Avenue, Suite 108 if you want to speak to someone in person.

What Should You Plan for Your Funeral Budget?

Not every person will have the same budget for a funeral. While prices remain similar across the board for services and products, each customer chooses different options. While you may want the body cremated, another may opt for a full burial service. The choices you make play a considerable role in determining how much gets spent at the end. Look at the list of prices provided by the funeral home and see which amounts you want to pay and which you would feel fine skipping. You can choose as much or as little as you can afford.

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