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Durham Family Caregiver Benefits

The baby boomer generation is starting to retire, and as they do, they’re relying on family members to help with their care.  Family caregivers are a huge part of senior care, but they can sometimes feel alone and unsupported.  Fortunately, there are plenty of resources and services caregivers can use to avoid caregiver burnout and do their job to the best of their ability.  Here are just a few of the services available to caregivers in Durham.

Eastern North Carolina Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is a long and often challenging task.  Caregivers need as much support as they can get and the Alzheimer’s Association works to provide that assistance.  The Eastern North Carolina Chapter 51 counties in the state and has many resources at their disposal.

Education is a fundamental component of successful and well-rounded caregivers.  The Alzheimer’s Association ensures it provides plenty of opportunities to learn about this disease and the best ways to care for those who have it.  Whether you’re a new caregiver and need to learn the basics or an experienced care provider looking for the newest information and techniques, you can find a class that fits your needs.

A support group is a small tool that can lead to a big reward.  Meeting with other caregivers and sharing knowledge as well as experience can help lessen the burden of caring for Alzheimer’s.  There are groups all over the state that meet monthly or weekly, just check the schedule to find meetings near you.  Some groups offer respite care during meetings.

Caregivers can also go online for extra support.  The caregiver resource center has message boards and online support groups for those who can’t make it out of the house.  The virtual library is full of articles, tools, and information that can be helpful to caregivers.  There is also a 24-hour helpline you can call at (800) 272-3900 for any assistance.

Triangle J Council of Governments

The Triangle J Council of Governments serves as Durham’s Area Agency on Aging.  They also run the Family Caregiver Support Program.  This program aids caregivers through support groups, counseling, respite care, training workshops, and supplemental services like transportation and meal delivery.  To find out more about this program and see if you’re eligible for services you can call (919) 558-9391.  

Durham VA Medical Center

If you care for a veteran, then you can use the local VA healthcare system for caregiver support services.  You can gain access to things like:

24-hour helpline

Trained professionals to match services to your needs

Support groups led by other caregivers

Respite care in the form of adult day care centers

Skilled in-home care

Hospice programs

Telehealth system for seniors unable to leave their home

Call the Caregiver Support Coordinator at (919) 286-0411 ext. 6068 and they can help you find the services available in your area.

North Carolina Health & Human Services

The state Health & Human Services Department runs a program called Caregivers Alternative to Running on Empty or C.A.R.E.  This program provides support and services to those caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.  The department also has other programs and information on statewide caregiver support programs on their website.  You can call (919) 855-3462 if you have any questions about the C.A.R.E. program.  

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