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Durham Estate Sales

We never realize how much emotional attachment we have to particular items until it’s necessary to sort through them. If you have a loved one that has recently passed away or downsized to an assisted living facility, you might face the task of dealing with their possessions. It can be tough to decide what to keep and what to sell and what to throw away.

There is also probably a lot of stuff to sift through. On average, the typical US home has about 300,000 items according to a report by the LA Times in 2014. Double or triple that number if your relative was a collector or kept everything. In this situation, an estate sale company could be a useful resource. They will take over the whole procedure and allow you to sit back and relax until everything is over.

What Happens During an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is more than just one day of selling your items. A reputable estate sale company wants to sell as many of your things for as much money as possible. The whole thing begins with an initial consultation or walk-through. Many professionals in the estate sale business are certified appraisers and can price your items based on how much their worth and the local market. You can read more about the process of estate sales on Peace Street Estate Sales & Solutions.

Once items have prices, the company will begin to set up the house for the sale. This step might include cleaning and decluttering as well as arranging all the items in attractive displays. You can see before and after pictures of this part on Gay Gasper Estate Sales and Appraisals. The company will also handle the advertising and marketing side of the sale to draw in customers.

The day of the sale might be busy, but there will be employees on hand to handle sales transactions, answer questions, and assist customers. They can also take care of security for the sale and run any planned auctions. It is your decision whether you want to stay at the house during the sale or not.

After the sale is over, the company can help you decide what to do with any remaining items. They might have connections with local charities or other places to sell your things. The executor of the will and a member of the business that handled the sale will meet and discuss the profits. You will get a check for your portion of the sales minus and fees. The end of the sale can take a few days to get everything in order.

How Much Does It Cost to Use an Estate Sale Company?

The total cost depends on a few factors. First, the initial consultation could be free, but some companies do charge by the hour for this part. The company also gets a portion of the sales, usually around 35%. There could be additional charges if the house is messy, there are a lot of things to sell or sort through, and the location of the sale. You can shop around and discuss charges before you make your decision.

How Do I Find an Estate Sale Company in Durham?

Your attorney or friends and neighbors might have suggestions for places in the area, and you can always look online. Reviews from former clients are helpful but be sure they aren’t just shoppers from the sales. The BBB of Northeastern North Carolina has a few listings in the Durham area, just make sure the business you choose is American Society of Appraisers or International Society of Appraisers certified. It’s smart to go over all services and charges and then sign a contract before any work begins.

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