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Durham Concierge Services

The Durham area has numerous concierge-related services available to its residents. Check your local options or head online to see which companies can deliver the services you need. These are excellent for seniors who cannot make it up and out of their homes as quickly as they once did. Instead, you can call upon a professional to handle your important tasks for you, such as housekeeping, get groceries, and run other necessary errands.

Alternatives to Concierge Services in Durham

Many companies do not refer to themselves as concierge services. They go by other names, simply providing services to the people of Durham who need them. These alternatives include Amazon Home Services, which offers local providers in the area who can tackle complicated tasks like putting together furniture and setting up your new home computer. Look at the selection of Durham, North Carolina service providers to see for yourself which job duties are available.

Rover allows you to find a pet-friendly person in the Durham area to handle pet care when you are unable to on a particular day. You can schedule a 30-minute walk, or have someone watch your dog overnight at your home or their home. They can also perform drop-in visits to check on the pet and ensure they have food and water for the day. This service is ideal if you have a pet that you love, but you struggle to take care of him or her on your own now.

TaskRabbit lets you place an ad for home services you need completing around the house. You can then find a list of available freelancers who can help within your timeframe. Describe your task in detail, so the people know what job they are getting themselves into before they take it. You don’t want to add on chores for them to do later that will cost you extra.

Errand Girl of Durham is a concierge service offered specifically in the city. You can hire her and her employees to care for your pet, clean your house, plan your events, house sit, purchase and wrap holiday gifts, or run other personal services like grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and even donation drop-offs.

Two additional services may also come in handy, including an out-of-commission service for those who are having surgery and require a driver. She will pick you up, get your prescriptions, serve meals, and otherwise make sure you are comfortable. The bereavement service is another option. Your Errand Girl will pick up any family flying in from out of town when you have a funeral to attend. She can write thank you cards after the service, prepare the meals, perform housekeeping duties, and otherwise ensure things go smoothly during the process so you can focus on grieving.

Check Your Concierge Options

Never hire someone directly on the spot. You need to take your time and do your research to ensure you are getting a good choice. With so many options in Durham, you want to be sure you are selecting a solid company that will meet your needs on time. Speak with your friends and family to see if there is anyone they recommend or look at online reviews to see if previous users have enjoyed the services they received.

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