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Durham Assisted Living

Moving from your home to an assisted living facility is a significant change. You need to consider the associated costs, how to find the right fit for you, what your daily life will be like at a new place, and how to manage it all. The good news is, there are communities throughout Durham that suit all different lifestyles. It may not be as difficult as you’d imagine finding a place to call home. Let’s take a look at all assisted living options Durham has to offer.

What Does Assisted Living Cost in Durham?

The first thing you should consider is the cost. Not everyone can afford the most luxurious choice. You need to find a location in your price range. Durham falls above the price range of the average U.S. city. The median cost for a one-bedroom in an assisted living community is $4000 per month, according to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey. That amount is $400 more than the average.

The local rates can vary quite a bit, depending on the facility and which amenities they offer. Atria Southpoint Walk, a Best of 2017 Assisted Living winner, costs upwards of $7000 per month. The award-winning location features all sorts of appealing amenities. Brookdale Durham sees prices right around the city’s average amount. There are various options in between to give you plenty of price choices.

What Can You Expect from Assisted Living?

There are plenty of faith-based options available, with opportunities to attend church or at least work alongside a spiritual guide. There are luxury options as well, each of which provides superior amenities like ice cream parlors on-site and a desirable game room. Some centers also allow you to keep a pet as a companion. They may even have their own pet mascot available for the entire community to help take care of and keep company. There are usually activity rooms, a central living space for everyone to share, and a dining hall where each resident enjoys their three daily meals.

How Do You Find an Assisted Living Community in Durham?

Once you determine the part of town you want to live and the amenities desired, you can start narrowing your search for assisted living communities. Some may not meet your standards or otherwise fall outside of your wanted living area. Your best bet is to start with recommendations from friends and relatives. You can even ask your neighbors if they know of any communities nearby that met their expectations or the expectations of their loved ones.

After asking around, be sure to head online to check out the associated websites. Look at the reviews and feedback left by former residents and family members of current inhabitants. The information you find could help you narrow down your search even further. You want a location that comes highly rated by others, as these high praises tell you other people have enjoyed the facility and found it worthwhile.

Your third option is to speak with a senior advisor. He will have advanced knowledge of assisted living options in the area and can help pinpoint the best places to check out. He will take your budget and list of desired features into consideration and compile a list of the best matches. Bring your advisor along on your community tour so they can do all the talking for you when you’re unsure of what to say or ask.

How Do You Pay for Assisted Living?

The initial sticker shock may be overwhelming, as assisted living costs a considerable amount. When you factor in all the location offers, though, it is easy to see why it is such a better deal than living alone. You don’t have to pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utility bills, grocery bills, or for your own maintenance projects. Instead, all fees get included in your rental amount for the facility. Meals get provided, and you have access to all sorts of activities and amenities on-site.

Utilize Insurance First

Insurance is your best friend when it comes to moving to a long-term care home. You can apply for Medicaid if you fall into the low-income category. Seniors with little to no assets often get approved for this federally-funded insurance program. You will have to be sure, though, that the facility you choose accepts Medicaid as a form of payment. Without this certification, the place will not allow you to stay.

Medicare is a secondary option. It is another federally-funded program, but this one works for all seniors and not just those with low income. You pay a premium to use this option, but it is not as high as paying a private agency.

Check Into Aid for Veterans

Veterans can look into funding options. Anyone who served during wartime qualifies for this assistance. Contact your regional VA’s office to learn about the benefits available and discuss the application process. It can take several months for the data to go through and get approved, but it typically backtracks to your application date.

Try a Reverse Mortgage or Sale

A reverse mortgage allows you to use your home’s equity to pay for your care. This option works when a remaining spouse stays in the home while the other needs to move to a living facility. Both people get taken care of in this situation. If you do not have a spouse at home and would rather sell, you can do that as well. You can then use the profits from the sale to pay for your living expenses from there on out.

After discovering the costs, amenities, and payment methods for assisted living, you should have a better idea of what it all entails. You can do further research if you desire before making a final moving decision. After all, you want a place that you’re comfortable with and will feel like home to you from the day you move in. Check out SeniorAdvisor to find a list of all the award-winning providers in the Durham and surrounding areas.

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