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Durham Aging-in-Place

Staying at home is becoming more of a possibility for seniors as more services are readily available to help people live independently.  Homemaker services handle your chores like cleaning, cooking, errands, transportation, and personal care. You can also get assistance with medical care from home health aides to get medications, assist with therapy, and check your vitals regularly.

Paying the Bill

First, you will need your doctor to confirm that you need these services to live independently.  With this recommendation from your doctor, you will have options to cover the cost of care. Long-term care insurance will most likely cover your in-home care bills. Low-income seniors could be eligible for Medicaid to pay for this care.

North Carolina’s Aging and Adult Services offers programs such as in-home care, meals, transportation, and other care for eligible seniors.  Wartime veterans along with their widows can apply for a VA Aid & Attendance pension to cover in-home care expenses.

How Much Does This Cost?

There are additional factors that contribute to your cost of staying at home.  If you choose to stay home, you may have to make home modifications to make it easier to get around your home as you get older.  These upgrades include grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and handicap accessible showers or bathtubs to name a few. Your services can change from time to time so that the cost may change periodically.

In 2016, the average daily cost for care in the US was $122 for homemaking services and $125 for home health aide services, which you could figure the bill will be about $3,800 monthly. These expenses are less than the national average in Durham with the daily average price of $118 for both homemaker services and $119 for home health aide services. If you total daily costs, this will run about $3,600 monthly.

How to Search for Providers

The best place to start your search is to ask around for experiences from people you value their opinions such as friends, neighbors, or members of your church or another club.  You can also research companies on the Eastern North Carolina Better Business Bureau for ratings, reviews, and any complaints.

There are some key questions you need answered before hiring a company. These items include:




Employee background checks


Payment procedures

Make sure you get the payment and scheduling process in writing, so you can use this for future reference.  It’s always a good idea to read the contract and understand it completely before signing and making a payment.  You don’t want any surprises.

When You Need Extra Help

There may come a time when you need more than your homemaker services.  If you require help with additional services such as pet sitting, home renovations, or other tasks, there are websites to connect you to people in your area. is an excellent resource for pet care including dog walking and pet sitting. Favor and TaskRabbit allow you to post some projects you need completed and enable people to bid on the work. and Amazon Home Services assist you with finding contractors and a handyman for home projects from large-scale renovations to small updates.  Be sure to research the company before hiring and know their payment, schedule, and timeline for your project.

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