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Durham 55+ Communities

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives worrying about household maintenance and monotonous household chores. As we age, the activities that once were so easy to perform can become increasingly difficult. As soon as the kids have moved out and you’ve retired, it also becomes harder to justify the effort involved in keeping an empty house in good condition.

A good option for Durham seniors is to move into a 55+ community. There are almost 50 senior residence communities in and near Durham that can offer you a more relaxed and fun lifestyle than you’d find in your old home.

You can look into communities like Atria Southpoint Walk where you’ll be near the best that Durham has to offer or Brookdale Durham, rated a 4-star senior residence community on SeniorAdvisor.

Keep reading to learn about some of the brilliant options in 55+ living that are right in Durham and offer a fantastic selection of services and amenities that will make your golden years shine.

What Does a Durham 55+ Community Cost?

Many factors go into the monthly cost of a Durham 55+ senior residence community; the size of your apartment, the services, and amenities you’ll have access to, etc. Having said that, the median cost of a senior community in the state of North Carolina is $3,000 per month. If we just focus on the Durham area, you’ll see that you can save a lot of money; the median cost of care in Durham is only $2,750 per month.

While these rates are somewhat higher than the cost of comparable age-inclusive accommodations in other residential communities, the cost of 55+ living includes many important services and conveniences you won’t find elsewhere.

Paying for a Durham 55+ Community

We’ve established that 55+ living isn’t an inexpensive option, although the benefits that come with living in a senior-focused community include services that you’ll pay much more for if you paid for them a la carte. But, how will you pay for it?

Long-term care insurance and Medicaid are out of the question as neither will pay the living expenses of able-bodied seniors. Veterans are out of luck as well; there is currently no VA program that will cover the living expenses of a healthy veteran living in a 55+ retirement community. There are options though.

A family home is frequently the most valuable asset that most people own, and can provide the needed funds in a couple of ways:

By selling your old home, you could realize enough money to cover the cost of retirement community living for years to come.

By renting your old home out to tenants, you’ll have a steady monthly income that will supplement the money you receive from a private pension or Social Security while holding on to the property and realize further increases in its value.

Things to Look At

Before starting the process of finding the best 55+ retirement residence for your needs, you’ll need to think about what you need to make life enjoyable in your new home.

Location is usually the most important consideration to look at first. Do you have friends and family that you’d like to be within easy reach of? If you own pets and want them to remain with you, you’ll need to research the most pet-friendly communities you can find.

Your new lifestyle can take different forms depending on your preferences:

Some communities are for independent seniors who only need minimal services and amenities, and these communities offer a hotel-style residence model. This could be the best choice for active seniors who want to travel without worrying about leaving a large home empty for extended periods.

If you want to enjoy the feel of an extended vacation and plan on staying in one place to enjoy it, consider communities that offer resort-style accommodations with all the extras.

You need to consider how close you want to be to downtown. Do you want to be within walking distance of as much as possible or do you want a more bucolic setting farther from the middle of Durham?

Basics of Durham 55+ Community Living

Different senior residence communities include different services and amenities with your monthly rental payment:

Some communities will roll the cost of electricity and heating into the rent; making an initially higher rent actually more affordable than other communities that don’t offer to cover utilities.

You’ll find places where internet access and Wi-Fi throughout the complex is included.

Many facilities will include the cost of classes, entertainment, and a fitness center in your monthly payment.

Carefully considering what’s included in the rent will make it easier to decide which community offers the best value for your dollar.

What About Perks?

This is where finding the best retirement community can get fun! With a large number of senior residence communities in the Durham area, there is considerable competition for senior dollars.

At each place you look at, ask about the “extras” available to residents. You’ll find places that have old-fashioned barbershops and beauty parlors located in the complex. Others might have beautiful pool areas or movie theaters with traditional popcorn machines.

No matter which 55+ community you choose, make sure that it has that something special you won’t find elsewhere that will make living there an especially enjoyable experience.

Durham Neighborhoods

Durham has a plethora of neighborhoods with something for everyone. Consider what the conditions are at different times of day and week to make sure noise or traffic aren’t a problem for you.

What about Later On?

With age comes greater dependence on others. An unexpected medical problem or simply advancing age can precipitate the need for more comprehensive care than a community for independent seniors can provide. Consider how your needs will change and choose a community like Spring Arbor of Durham, or Durham Ridge Assisted Living, where you’ll get the care you need at all stages of your senior life.

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