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Caregiving in Durham, NC

There’s no doubt about the fact that being the sole caregiver to an ill, disabled, or housebound loved one is an incredible responsibility. The mental stress and emotional strain can prove too much for almost anybody.

It’s a sad fact that the bulk of people offering caregiving services to a family member, do it alone. For too many reasons, there is often only one person who can arrange their daily life in such a way as to give constant care in the ill or old person’s home.

It’s just as unfortunate that the stress of being on continuous duty will start to erode the carer’s health – both emotional and psychological. What Durham carers require is the help of service companies able to take the strain out of your daily routine.

Continue reading to find out about the organizations, companies, and resources that will provide Durham carers with a good way to relieve some of the work.

Time Off for Caregivers

As hard as giving continuous care for a family member suffering from issues like Parkinson’s disease, degenerative neurological disorders or simply the effects of extreme old age can be, taking breaks is important to keep your sanity and quality of life.

There are many companies that offer concierge services and many other kinds of household assistance for the full-time Durham carer; let’s look at a few.

Durham Concierge Services

Errand Girl of Durham is a personalized service that is designed to help make the Durham caregivers day easier. Errand Girl Concierge states that they’re all about assisting you to live your life better. Errand Girl supplies assistants and a variety of concierge services that will save you time, get more done, and reduce the demands on your day as a full-time caregiver. Errand Girl helps Durham carers with the essential jobs you can’t otherwise get to. Errand Girl is proud to help you get all the important jobs and chores done. provides help in a variety of U.S. towns, including Durham. Favor Delivery is dedicated to delivering almost anything you want straight to your home in less than 2 hours. Durham caregivers can call Favor Delivery to get meals or groceries delivered to your doorstep. Favor Delivery’s staff will pick up prescriptions and first aid items from your local drug store, deliver pet food to you, and even bring tech and household purchases home for you.

Amazon Prime Now provides delivery of almost any conceivable item to your house within the hour. Durham carers can get:

A huge range of tech supplies or any appliance that you could need.

A complete selection of supplies for your pet that can include anything from dog leashes to water dispensers.

Any groceries or canned goods that you need but don’t have time to run out of the house to buy.

Do you need a refrigerator fast? Amazon Prime Now will bring it to you in an hour or less.

Amazon Prime Now delivers service at a reasonable $8 (plus gratuity) per hour to Durham caregivers who want an item fast and aren’t able to leave their family members side to get it.

Often, a full-time caregiver will need to leave home, and doorstep delivery just won’t work. This is when you have to look at using the services of an adult day program or even respite care during the week.

Adult Day Programs and Respite Care in Durham

Durham, North Carolina is where there are many quality assisted living and nursing home communities that can give the same loving care that you usually provide, but allows you the freedom to take time for yourself.

Durham is also where many engaging and enjoyable adult day programs are found that will offer your family member a warm social environment and fun day trips, interesting classes and a choice of other activities. Send your family member to an adult day program so they can:

Take physical fitness classes

Enjoy art classes

Go on day trips

Enjoy hanging out with people their age

They can do all this, while you’re able to care for your children or go to the job that’s part of your daily life and makes keeping your family member at home possible. The typical cost of adult day program services in Durham is approximately $1300 per month. If your family member is eligible for Medicaid or VA benefits, you may have the expense paid for your loved one.

If your loved one is living with dementia, other memory disease or any of a variety of medical issues that prevent independence, you should think about locating competent respite care from a senior care community or nursing facility. The average cost of care in Durham for respite care is between $1300 and $2000 per month

Durham Caregivers Need to Talk

The Alzheimer’s Association offers people caring for an Alzheimer’s patient great support groups where you’ll meet people living in a similar situation to trade stories, get emotional support, and learn about the other resources available to help you.

The Alzheimer’s Association will also give access to an online forum where you’ll message other Alzheimer’s caregivers from the security of your loved one’s side. Join a giant community of individuals who all have dedicated their lives to helping someone they love who is in the throes of this horrible personality and life-robbing disease.

The Jewish Family Service gladly provides services like the Alzheimer’s Association. But with the addition of support for the needs of the Jewish community such as delivery of kosher meals, assistance performing religious duties, and friendly support groups so Jewish families can offer support and information to each other.

When You Can No Longer Provide Care

Life is unpredictable.

Things can occur in life that makes being a sole caregiver to your loved one impossible. You’ll need to make the decision to find them a place in a full-time care facility. is a resource where you can find the information you need to make the best choice.

Find assisted living in Durham near you.