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Social Security for Detroit Seniors

After a devastating blow to the economy in 2009, Detroit has been making a slow and steady recovery. According to a University of Michigan study, jobs and income rates are trending towards positive growth through 2017. While the economy is showing strong improvement, many of Detroit’s senior citizens rely on Social Security as their sole source of income. The following information will provide you with Social Security office locations, contact information, and how to make the most of your Social Security benefits.

Detroit Social Security Offices

Detroit has five Social Security Administration offices inside the Detroit city limits and another five offices in the Detroit metropolitan area, so you will easily be able to find an office in your neighborhood.

Find Detroit offices at: 9222 Grand River 5715 Michigan Ave. 477 Michigan Ave. 19251 Mack Ave., Suite 200 10201 W. Seven Mile Rd.

Find metropolitan Detroit offices at: 60 East Grand Ave., Highland Park 9324 Conant Ave., Hamtramck 19853 W. Outer Drive, Suite 200, Dearborn 15655 E 11 Mile Rd., Roseville 28657 Cherry Hill Rd., Inkster

You can find Social Security offices closest to your area by using the Social Security Office Locator website. Just enter your zip code for a local listing. The toll-free phone number for all social security offices is (800)-772-1213. Hearing-impaired seniors can access TDD service at (800)-325-0778. Local offices have different service hours, so call first before heading out.

How Detroit Social Security Offices Can Help You

The state of Michigan offers a Supplemental Social Security payment for seniors who live independently or live in someone else’s home. You can inquire about this at any social security office. You can also obtain a replacement Social Security card and update or change your name. When you are ready to apply for Social Security benefits, you can apply right online, which will save the time of going to a social security office.

You can also block online and automated telephone access to your social security information. This is an especially important feature that is designed to protect seniors, victims of domestic violence, and victims of identity theft. You can block access to your personal information on the Social Security website.

Understanding Full Retirement Age

Full retirement age is now age 67. It is the age when you first become entitled to full or unreduced retirement benefits. Social Security now has a sliding scale of retirement benefits for persons born after 1937. You may still be able to retire earlier than age 67, but benefits will be reduced. Learn more about the sliding scale at Retirement Planner: Full Retirement Age. The Social Security website has a list of helpful topics on the left side-bar. Click on “Estimate your future benefits” to estimate retirement income, plan future benefits, and learn more about disability and survivorship benefits.

AARP offers an online community to discuss Social Security-related questions and concerns. This is an online resource that is accessible night or day, where seniors can ask questions, offer insight, and help one another navigate retirement and Social Security benefits.

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