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How Much Does Detroit Assisted Living Cost?

The Detroit, Michigan area offers local residents a variety of assisted living service options. Choices include having onsite services provided within your own home from caregivers, home health aides, and housekeepers. Other types of services include living within an assisted living community residence, which offers adjacent services and amenities to meet your lifestyle needs.

Seniors can benefit from assisted living services in several ways. They are designed to provide supportive help with daily living activities with the goal of maintaining an independent lifestyle. Assisted living lets you keep your freedom and is a good choice for those individuals that do not need around-the-clock continual care that is provided within a nursing home type facility.

Types of home-based assisted living services that an independent individual may receive include having a homemaker or caregiver provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and assisting with general housekeeping tasks such as home cleaning and doing the laundry. Alternative types of services for those that live within assisted living residence units or complexes may include:

Assistance with toileting Help in bathing or showering Mobility assistance with wheelchair bound individuals Alzheimer’s memory care Help in getting dressed

An assisted living complex may consist of numerous apartment or condominium style units that provide privacy while also supporting an independent and active lifestyle. Service plans within facility settings offer a more personalized approach so individuals can select only those features and amenities that best meets their needs.

Quick Data for Assisted Living Services in Detroit

There are about 38 assisted living communities within the Detroit, Michigan area.

Accommodations include ranch style residences all on one level and dormitory style units with single rooms and private bathrooms.

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) maintains an online listing of assisted living communities for Detroit, Michigan that includes reviews and comments along with detailed overviews of the services provided by each facility.

Estimated Assisted Living Expenses in Detroit

Assisted living services within the Detroit, Michigan area are in line with the average estimated costs for the national median rate. According to the 2015 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the expenses for Detroit-based assisted living services are in the range of $43,200 annually. This includes a 1% annual growth increase over 5 years.

The cost of homemaker services for Detroit during 2015 were about $43,472. Homemaker services were estimated at a slightly higher rate of $45,760 for the same time period. Genworth bases the estimated costs for performed services in conjunction with a 5-day week covering 44 hours over the course of 12 months.

Assisted Living Service Options and Their Costs

The costs associated with receiving in-home services such as those provided by health aides, caregivers, or housekeepers, is usually clear cut and based on an hourly rate. The only exception to this guideline would be for live-in companions that provide individuals with around-the-clock assistance. The costs for a full-time service may be based on daily, weekly, or monthly rates.

Estimated expenses for living within an assisted living residence or facility are a little more complex so it is important to ask questions and get all information about their policies and what services are included in the cost and which ones are considered an added expense. When you are out visiting prospective assisted living residences, bring a handy checklist along to make sure you cover all the details.

Ways to Save Money to Finance Assisted Living

Finding affordable assisted living services should start with knowing your budget and finances. Some creative solutions include supplemental income that is provided by a part-time job. Acquired assets such as stocks or property can be sold with the proceeds going toward the costs. Having a roommate split the expenses with you by sharing a 2-bedroom assisted living unit is another creative solution to consider.

If you plan on moving into an assisted living residence, the sale of your current home will provide a substantial windfall to help with the costs. For those individuals that plan on staying in their current homes and receiving services such as homemaking or housekeeping assistance, the option of exploring a reverse mortgage is yet another possibility to consider.

Alternative Ways to Cover the Cost of Assisted Living Care Services

The Affordable Assisted Living (AAL) Pilot program within Michigan provides residents with access to housing in senior community settings that have essential onsite services. Eligibility includes meeting the low-to moderate income levels under the guidelines of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA). Highlights of AAL include supporting a high level of independence so seniors can have a more fulfilling life.

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