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Detroit Veterans Benefits

In return for active duty service to their country, military vets receive a robust benefits package that includes things like health care, affordable housing options, and career counseling services. While the benefits are plentiful, accessing them isn’t always the simplest task. Luckily for vets in the Detroit area, there are several local agencies that can help with understanding, applying for, and obtaining the benefits that veterans have earned.

Benefit programs that support veteran health

The VA offers their health care coverage to nearly all veterans, members of the National Guard, and Reservists. In order to qualify, vets need to have served active duty without receiving a dishonorable discharge, and members of the National Guard and Reserves need to have completed their federal service period. An application is required for enrollment, and the VA uses a priority group system to determine eligibility and coverage.

The John D. Dingell VA Medical Center and the community clinics in the surrounding area are responsible for providing award-winning healthcare to veterans in Detroit. The medical center is well-known for their primary and speciality care services, and they offer inpatient and outpatient services including cardiology, pulmonary, oncology, women’s health programs and more. Veterans also have access to mental health care services including specialized programs for the treatment of PTSD, addiction, and substance abuse. Veterans who are unable to leave their home can access home-based primary care services, and their caregivers may utilize many of the in-home programs like palliative care, hospice, and caregiver support.

Benefit programs that make housing affordable for Detroit veterans

The Volunteers of America Michigan branch offers many excellent points of contact for veterans searching for housing options in the city. Combined with the resources and programs available through the VA, vets have several options to find affordable housing for themselves and their families. Some of the programs include:

Loan programs to help homebuyers finance a new home and

Loan programs to help homeowners pay for repairs and improvements to their existing home

Subsidized housing programs for vets at risk of homelessness (VASH Program)

Tax deduction opportunities for vets who sustained injuries during their service

Veterans who are homeless or who fear they may become homeless can contact the Detroit VA for help. The VA administers several programs, including ones that provide vouchers that pay for transitional housing for up to six months, as well as career and health services, to help vets get back on their feet emotionally and financially.

In some cases, vets are looking for both housing and someone to help take care of them. The VA Medical Foster Home program might be the perfect solution. Veterans participating in the program are matched with an approved caregiver who provides them with a room in their private residence. The veteran becomes part of the daily family routine, and the caregiver is available to assist with activities of daily living, preparing meals, and transportation.

Alternate places to ask for benefits assistance in Detroit

There are several other agencies that can help veterans understand available benefits including Veterans Resource Center and the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. These organizations have staff who can work with veterans, their family members, and their survivors to ensure that they are making the most of their benefits.

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