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Detroit Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Aging at home is the preference of most older adults, and having a loved one or family member be the primary person to provide care is often times an ideal situation. Family caregivers may still have to work during the day, or have other commitments and obligations that require them to be out of the home, and adult day care programs can be a perfect fit to provide care in these situations. Having a safe and friendly environment where seniors can go to have assistance, a hot lunch, and socialization with others, gives the caregiver and families the peace of mind they need during daytime hours. Let’s check out what Detroit has to offer in terms of adult day care services for seniors and how they are administered in the area.

The day in and day out of adult day care

Adult day care programs are housed at a variety of locations throughout the area including stand-alone buildings, community centers, church halls, or within senior lifestyle communities. Seniors are dropped off by their caregiver at the location, or in some cases, transportation may be provided to and from the program. Care availability will vary by provider, but generally, you can expect programs to run Monday through Friday during normal workday hours, except on major holidays. Seniors can attend the program daily, or it can be used on a part-time basis a few days per week or in situations where a caregiver may need some time off like in the case of sickness or vacation.

Adult day care programs will provide participants with a hot midday meal, and many will offer additional nutritious food like breakfast or snacks during the day. On-site nurses are able to assist seniors with their daily needs and help them remember to take medications, drink water to stay hydrated, and to use the restroom or eat their meal if necessary. Seniors with memory or cognitive issues can seek out programs that offer dementia services.

Daily activities promote socialization and keep seniors entertained and can include things like music therapy or sing-a-longs, playing board games or cards, taking a senior-friendly group exercise class, or going on a field trip to a Detroit attraction. The state of Michigan does not require adult day care centers to hold a state license, however, all programs must comply with the Operating Standards for Service Programs established by the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging.

What is the best adult day care program for my loved one in Detroit?

There are several different providers in Detroit to choose from when selecting an adult day care program. It’s best to begin by finding a location that is nearby to either your home or work to make transportation more convenient. Here are a few that may work:

Sacred Heart Major Seminary Senior Center 2701 West Chicago, Detroit MI, 48206

Walter & May Reuther Senior Services Olga M. Madar Sr Ct 13560 E. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48205

Better Days Adult Activity Center 17251 Huntington Rd, Detroit, MI 48219

Your loved one’s physician may also have suggestions on reputable providers in the area, as many local family and friends. The Michigan Adult Day Service Association has some additional helpful resources, including a provider locator, available on their website.

Estimating the costs of adult day care in Detroit

In terms of cost, adult day care programs are the most affordable care solution in the Detroit area. The median daily cost of adult day care is $72 per day while seniors would pay upwards of $127 daily for in-home or assisted living services. Seniors with a long-term care insurance policy should have needed care paid for by the policy benefits. Those who need financial assistance to pay for care may qualify for government programs like Medicaid or VA benefits.

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