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Detroit Hospitals

Geriatricians offer a specific focus on senior health. These doctors specialize in elder care, ready to assess health risks, provide medication, and offer advice on proper diet. Patients over the age of 60 are typically referred to a geriatrician in the Detroit area.

Senior Care at Hospitals in Detroit

Several hospitals are located in Detroit, each of which offers senior care services to older patients. Rosa Parks Geriatric Center of Excellence and Senior ER is part of the Detroit Receiving Hospital. Emergency services are offered, as well as regular management of overall health. Many come to the center for memory improvement, physical therapy, joint pain, weight loss, and advanced disease treatment. All rooms are updated with current technology, with additional amenities provided to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

The DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan offers Inpatient Stroke and Geriatric Service. Support groups, aquatic therapy, a post-rehab fitness program, rehab nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, and neuropsychology are all services offered at this facility. Wheelchair seating selections can also be chosen with the help of a professional.

Located roughly 20 minutes from Detroit, the city of Berkeley offers the Beaumont Geriatric Center. This location focuses on seniors who are beginning to experience limitations due to their age. Over three days, patients complete one or two hour sessions. These sessions are part of an overall evaluation to help the doctor determine just how limited patients truly are. A physical examination, medical history questionnaire, and movement test are all performed.

Psychological and social skills are also monitored. The evaluation usually helps determine whether or not a person requires long-term care, needs assistance devices and equipment installed in the home, or could use medication to combat the symptoms of a certain illness.

Sinai-Grace Hospital provides a Joint Plus Excel Orthopaedic Center. The center is intended for seniors suffering from various forms of joint pain. Evaluations are made to determine the best course of action, which often includes surgery. Some surgeries are used to repair joints, while others replace them. Cancer affecting the bones are also treated at this clinic.

Harper University Hospital is an additional option through DMC. According to US News, the hospital is ranked number 1 nationally in one adult specialty, and performs highly in two others. Upwards of 400 beds are available to patients at this location. Geriatrics, Urology, Neurology, and Cardiology are some of the specialities offered. Many join the facility for orthopedic problems, including hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Locate a Geriatrician in Detroit

Many find it difficult at first to locate all the resources they need as they age, including a geriatrician. Detroit offers several geriatricians between the various hospitals and centers in the area. Those in need of a physician can contact the senior help line provided by the Detroit Medical Center. The help line can be reached at (888) 264-0102. Patients can also connect with a physician through DMC online. More than 15 are available within the Geriatric speciality.

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